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Some teams are shying away from email communication with DeAndre Hopkins

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As more players who technically represent themselves apparently use burner email accounts that their non-certified agents use to communicate directly with teams while posing as the player, some teams are deciding not to communicate with self-represented players via email.

Per a league source, multiple teams have been shying away from sending emails to and from receiver DeAndre Hopkins, given the possibility that they'll be communicating not with Hopkins but with a non-certified agent who is pretending to be Hopkins. Instead, those teams insist on talking directly to Hopkins -- and only Hopkins.

That doesn't stop him from having someone else listen in, but the repeated warnings by the NFL to teams about talking to non-certified agents have resonated, at least with some teams.

The drill is well known. A self-represented (ostensibly) player sets up an email account that he turns over to his non-certified agent, who sends and receives offers, while pretending to be the player.

One team became aware of this practice because it received an email from the player -- while the player was literally on the practice field.

So, yes, every team is aware of the game. More and more of them are refusing to play it.

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