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Does Russia use gas as a weapon? "Russian state gas company Gazprom has proposed that Moldova adjust its free trade deal with the EU and delay energy market reforms agreed with Brussels in exchange for cheaper gas for the country." (FT) on.ft.com/3metYSk

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Europe's energy transition is in danger! @VonderLeyen & @TimmermansEU are planning to classify #nuclear and #gas as "sustainable" within the EUtaxonomy. As a result lots of public and private money would flow into nuclear & gas. Please, sign the #petition: act.greens-efa.eu/stopgreenwashing

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Putin: accusations Gazprom is using energy as a weapon are "rubbish" Gazprom: withdraw from some EU agreements and we'll give you a discount on the gas price scoop by @HenryJFoy @JamesShotter and me on.ft.com/3metYSk

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Analysis: Europe is paying record prices for energy. A winter crisis looms

Energy Price Jump Hijacks EU Debate on Green Overhaul

Germans' Green Energy Resolve Faces Pain in Post-Election Winter

Global energy shortage looms as investment in fossil fuels slides

U.S. natgas futures hold at two-week low despite soaring global prices

The European Energy Crisis Is About To Go Global

EU ministers meet to discuss price surge

GRAPHIC-On the cusp of Europe's winter season, gas storage hits 10-yr low

China Begins Winter Gas Buying Spree at the Worst Possible Time

Victoria Coates: Putin capitalizes on Europe's failing climate crusade

European governments consider billions in aid to weather soaring gas prices

On the cusp of Europe's winter season, gas storage hits 10-yr low

Baker Hughes's CEO Warns Of Three Hard Truths About The Energy Transition

OPINION: Europe gas crisis: to prevent future shocks, invest in renewables

Soaring gas prices come as one more headwind for world economy | Daily Sabah

Spiking gas prices in Europe could hasten Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline clearance

Gas shortage in Europe can be tackled if Gazprom allows buying gas at Russia-Ukraine border - Vitrenko

Why Europe's electricity is so expensive

Factbox: Europe grapples with surging power and gas prices

Europe's green ambitions could be hit as gas prices reach record highs

Leveraging energy flexibility to address soaring UK energy prices

Kremlin says spot market is behind gas prices rally in Europe

IEA urges Russia to ramp up gas supply to Europe

Petchems on alert as high natgas prices lead to Europe fertilizer output cuts

Tellurian Chair: Europe's Gas Crunch Must Be A Wake-up Call To America - Todayuknews

Ukrainian steelmakers suffer as natural gas prices boom, but Russian metals companies unscathed

EUROPE GAS-Prices drop on rise in Norway flows

CFEi Natural Gas Volumes Surge in 2Q2021 as Top Marketers Post Declines

Biden's Fuel Price Problem - Todayuknews

Asian buyers outbid Europe for spot supplies of US natural gas

China begins winter gas buying spree at the worst possible time - News for the Energy Sector

The Dangerous Rally in natural gas prices

October Natural Gas Futures Extend Slump, Fall Further Below $5.00 Threshold

UK Could See Gas Prices As High As $1250 Per MWh

Russia: Gazprom Slows Gas Transit to Europe Despite Record Prices

Soaring Energy Prices Become Major Headache For China

Natural-gas shortages threaten governments' green goals

Natural Gas Price Prediction - Prices Surge on Inventory Build

Russia can do more to alleviate rising gas energy prices in Europe - IEA

Baker Hughes CEO lays out 'hard truths' behind the energy transition as gas prices surge

US demands Russia boost natural gas deliveries to Europe through Ukraine

Why Europe's energy prices are soaring and could get much worse

EUROPE GAS-Prices fall as wind power ramps up

TOPIC PAGE: Fertilizers and the cross-commodity impact of record high gas prices

Europe is paying record prices for energy. A winter crisis looms

Citi Doubles Natural Gas Forecast, Says Could Spike to $100 in Winter

European energy crisis 'could get very ugly' with winter coming and EU delaying Russian gas supplies

Gas Crisis Reveals the Imminent End of Europe's Fossil Fuel Age - Byline Times

Germany says Russia is fulfilling its obligations under European gas supply agreements

RPT-GRAPHIC-Gas price surge, just one more headwind for world economy

Natural Gas Price Spike Easing, but Tight Winter Supply Looms - Mexico Market Spotlight

European Industry Reels From Record Gas Prices

International Energy Agency presses Russia to end Europe gas shortage

Industrials group points to winter gas price increase to push for limits on US LNG exports

Europeans brace for hard winter as energy price surge hits households

Russia can't solve Europe's gas crunch as winter approaches

Citi Very Cold Winter Could Send LNG Prices To $100/MMBtu

Side Effects of High Russian Gas Prices and What Gazprom Can Do about It - IEA

Europe's Energy Prices Soar Amid Switch to Renewable Resources

Just how bad could things get this winter? European energy crisis is about to go global

Explainer: Why Europe is facing a gas price surge

IEA Says Russia Could Do More to Boost Europe's Gas Supply

Cove Point, Freeport Production Curbed as Energy Crisis Deepens in Europe - LNG Recap

Citi says that natural gas prices could quadruple from current levels in a chilly winter

EU devising 'toolbox' for member countries to respond to energy price surge

Natural Gas Futures Finish Flat as Weather Demand Looks Weak

Little stopping the natural gas rally

Gas prices soaring: consumers face an expensive winter - Seawanhaka Press

Europe isn't buying LNG despite record gas demand - here's why.

The European Energy Emergency Is Concerning To Go Worldwide

Paying more for household bills? Blame Russia's meddling in gas markets, Western commentators say, even if the facts don't hold up

Make the Most of Soaring Natural Gas Prices with These 5 Plays

Why Gas Desperate Europe Is Not Buying LNG

EU energy ministers meet to discuss power price surge

Russia's New Gas Pipeline to Germany Delivers More Power to Moscow

IEA Calls On Russia To Send More Natural Gas To Europe

Natural Gas Price Fundamental Daily Forecast - Hovering Above Target Zone at $4.867 - $4.649 Ahead of EIA Data

Appalachian gas basis prices at risk amid cooling weather, LNG maintenance

IEA calls on Russia to be a "reliable supplier" and send more gas to Europe

Brussels readies 'toolbox' as energy prices soar to record highs

Soaring Gas Prices Ripple Through Heavy Industry, Supply Chains | Top News

Why is natural gas so expensive right now?

Fitch says high natural gas prices pressure supply chains of European corporate sectors

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