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⚠️DECLARE ASAP—@WHO is again weighing to declare #Monkeypox a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY (PHEIC)—after declining last week. 👀"Children already infected"—@DrTedros is reconvening the panel—concerned MPX is moving "into high-risk groups—children, immunocompromised & pregnant women"🧵 pic.twitter.com/tKrAYbRdIx

Twitter6/29/22 4:56 PM

Department of Health and Social Care


Anyone can catch monkeypox. You get a rash with blisters plus aches, a fever and swollen glands for up to three weeks. Spotted these symptoms? Avoid close physical contact with others visit nhs.uk/monkeypox as soon as you can.

Twitter6/29/22 2:00 PM

Twitter6/28/22 4:18 PM

World Health Organization (WHO)


During gatherings, close, prolonged & frequent contact with people could lead to the spread of the #monkeypox virus. Know the risks & follow precautionary measures to ↘️ the risk of transmission. 🆕 WHO advice for gatherings during the outbreak: 📌 bit.ly/3byOQkr pic.twitter.com/LgBwOGPoCq

Twitter6/28/22 12:18 PM

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