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Donald Trump brings up border 'bloodbath' alert, condemning Biden's border policy

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On Tuesday, former US President Donald Trump steered the conversation away from the contentious abortion issue, instead focusing on what he described as " Stop Biden's border bloodbath" during a speech in a pivotal county far removed from the southern frontier.

Donald Trump refocuses campaign on immigration, declares "Every town a border town"(Photo by TANNEN MAURY and Brendan Smialowski / AFP)(AFP)

"There's never been a border like this," said the Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a prepared speech responding to President Joe Biden.

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'Every town a border town'

The former President's visit to the swing county, located over a thousand miles from the US-Mexico border, marked his return to the campaign trail after a 24-day hiatus.

During his speech in Michigan, Trump made a bold declaration, stating, "every state a border state and every town a border town," thereby nationalizing the issue of border security. He then continued his campaign efforts with a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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Grands Rapids witnessed Trump's roundtable dialogue comprising local and state policing authorities. In this fashion, Trump held a rally in Arizona against the backdrop of photos he claimed the migrants' victims had captured. This campaigning raised the decibel level, rebuilding the image of an intrepid Trump choosing to reject a transpartisan border policy.

It became contentious again when the air of the locality was broken due to booing from the crowd towards the question about abortion being asked by a reporter. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, pleaded to the questions with the noticeable six-week abortion ban but informed the media that he is going to talk on the issue "next week" in place of today.

Trump's Grand Rapids speech marks start of general election showdown

The trip of Trump was occurring simultaneously with the massive criticism that emerged among the Democrats following a decision from the Florida state Supreme Court that validated a six-week abortion restriction. There already existed irreconcilable differences in the candidates' stances on abortion and immigration, which may give a hint of the policy debates that will be in the forefront of the general election campaign.

John Yob, a Republican strategist in Michigan, highlighted the significance of the day's events, stating, "In many ways, today is the kickoff of the general election."

"And Grand Rapids, Michigan, is ground zero in the national election, because if President Trump can over-perform relative to his 2016 and 2020 numbers in West Michigan, then that puts Michigan out of reach for President Biden, which means the country is out of reach for President Biden."

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Trump's choice of Grand Rapids for his immigration policy remarks was deliberate. His appearance followed the tragic death of 25-year-old Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly killed by an individual who had been deported to Mexico in 2020 and later re-entered the U.S. illegally. Grand Rapids is the center of Kent County, a key battleground that Trump won in 2016 but lost to Biden in 2020.

"You win Michigan, you win the election," Trump hailed.

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