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Google Shows Off Android 15's 2 New Privacy Tools. Here's How They'll Work

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Google yesterday announced two new privacy and security features coming to Android 15 when it's released later this year. Private space lets you better secure any sensitive apps you have, while an upgrade to Android's factory reset protection makes it impossible for thieves to reset your phone without your credentials, meaning it would be more difficult for them to resell stolen devices.

The company also announced the release of the second public beta of Android 15, which brings improvements to battery management; app performance; privacy and security; productivity and more. You can also try out the two new privacy and security features with Android 15 beta 2.

If you want to download Android 15 right now, here's how.

Android 15 Beta 2 is coming on May 15.

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Google released the first Android 15 developer preview back in February, following up in April with the first Android 15 public beta release, allowing a broader audience, especially early adopters, to try out the latest Android version on their personal devices. A few more public beta releases, which will be much more stable and closer to the final build, are expected to be released in June and July or August. The final Android 15 should come out sometime in the fall, shortly after the final beta release.

The current Android 15 beta release brings other new features that are available to use right now, like more in-app camera controls, improved large-screen multitasking, richer widget previews, partial screen sharing and loudness control, as well as improvements to satellite connectivity support, PDFs, picture-in-picture and NFC.

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Hide and secure important apps

You might want a little more privacy and security for apps that revolve around your finances, dating life or health. Later this year, Google will bring private space, a tucked-away space to keep your most sensitive apps hidden away from prying eyes, to Android 15.

Private space lives in your app drawer. Go all the way to the bottom of your apps, verify your identity, and then and only then will you have access to these hidden applications. All the data and notifications from the apps in your private space are isolated from the rest of your phone, so you don't have to worry about anyone catching a glimpse if they're using your phone and even just taking a peek.

And for an extra layer of protection, you can create a separate lock for private space, different than the one you use to unlock your device, and you can also completely hide the existence of it, so that no one knows you even have a private space to begin with.

A space for all those apps you want to hide away.


Upgraded theft protection

Android is also beefing up its theft protection, and some of those features are exclusive to Android 15.

For starters, an upgrade to Android's factory reset protection feature is in the works. Let's say someone steals your phone and attempts to reset your stolen device. This upgrade to factory reset protection makes it so that even if a thief does reset your phone, they won't be able to set it up again without knowing your credentials. If they don't have your Google account credentials, they won't be able to reset your phone and thus won't be able to sell it either.

And as mentioned above, private space is also included as a theft protection upgrade, seeing as if someone does steal your phone and manages to get into your device, they still might have difficulty access your most important apps, like your banking services, because any apps in private space can only be accessed by a separate PIN.

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