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YouTube immediately rewinds the video to the very end if the user has an activated ad blocker

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It seems that YouTube continues to encourage users to disable ad blockers. The new restriction is indeed quite severe - it does not allow you to watch videos at all if you have an ad blocker activated for YouTube.

This week, many have noticed that YouTube shows the first few seconds of a video and then suddenly jumps right to the end of the video. This strange phenomenon only happens to users with an ad blocker installed. When the ad blocker is disabled, video playback works as usual.

Users also report that the sudden rewind to the end of the video happens even when the video is played repeatedly. If you try to skip to a specific part of the video, in some cases it just loads endlessly.

New Youtube adblock weird behaviour - video automatically skips to the end

byu/SDHD4K inyoutube

Although the YouTube administration has not yet officially announced that this is a new feature of the service aimed at combating ad blockers, everything points to this. However, it cannot be ruled out that this is a problem with the ad blocker itself.

Last June, the platformlimited the number of views to three videosfor users who use an ad blocker, and in November it started to be quiteaggressively slow down the entire siteand then tightened restrictions for a larger number of users. The situation changes if you disable the blocker. The same thing happens if you upgrade to Premium (an individual YouTube Premium subscription in Ukraine costs99 UAH per month (student 59 UAH), while the YouTube Premium family plan for 6 people — 149 UAH per month).

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