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Woman killed in sand dunes accident was mother of two, deputy's wife

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GOLDEN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The woman who died at Silver Lake Sand Dunes Sunday after heroically pushing her toddler to safety was the mother of two and the wife of a Kent County sheriff's deputy.

Kadie L. Price, 33, was watching drag races at the Silver Lake State Park near Mears when a Jeep CJ lost control. Price was hit and killed.

An undated courtesy photo of Kadie Price. (Kent County Sheriff's Office)

News 8 has since learned she was the wife of Kent County Sheriff's Deputy Charlie Price. The Kent County Sheriff's Office declined to make a statement Monday, but it's clear online that the agency is coming together and doing everything it can to support Deputy Price and the couple's two toddlers after Sunday's devastating accident.

Off-roaders who witnessed Sunday's aftermath called the scene horrific. Investigators say it happened when a Jeep being raced by a 64-year-old man accelerated rapidly, lost control and veered toward spectators, including the Price family.

Kadie Price was able to push her 2-year-old daughter to safety before the Jeep struck the Price family's vehicle, which then hit the 33-year-old.

Despite life-saving measures, the mother of two died.

Off-roaders Bryce Straubel and Paul Stanczak were out drag racing Sunday and saw the aftermath of the accident. They said people watched in silence as first responders handled the scene. 

"I've been coming out here a long time," Straubel said. "That was probably one of them most brutal accidents I've ever seen."

They told News 8 people were much more aware after the accident. Off-roaders were back on the dunes Monday, but it was a smaller crowd on the cool and cloudy Memorial Day.

The pair said while they take safety precautions, like wearing helmets and eye protection, off-roaders cannot control for everything when racing on sand.

"You can try but there's no 100% guarantee to prevent everything," Straubel said. "I wrecked three times this weekend."

"Stuff happens, you can't really control it. All you can do is try your best to prevent it," Stanczak added.

Ace Krans, another off-roader and the parent of a 2-year-old himself, heard about the situation on Facebook.

"It's nerve-wracking," he said. "It's scary just to even think of it, but when you love it and it's a passion, you still got to do it."

Investigators have not released the identity of the 64-year-old man who was driving the Jeep that lost control. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which operates the Silver Lake State Park, referred questions to the Oceana County Sheriff's Department, which is conducting the ongoing investigation.

"Please keep the Price family in your prayers," the sheriff's office said in a Sunday release.

"It breaks me," Straubel said. "People are coming out here to have a good time and this mother just lost her life. … She pushed her daughter out of the way to save her — it's just rough to hear. It really is."

A fundraiser has been set up for Kadie Price's family.

"As many of you know, the Price family experienced an unthinkable loss with the unexpected passing of Kadie. During this difficult time, we want our community to unite and show unwavering support to the family. Your donation will celebrate Kadie's life and last act of heroism and support the children in navigating life without her. Thank you for honoring Kadie's memory with your generous contribution. Your support means more than words can express," a statement on the GiveSendGo page read.

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