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This is Nocturnal Vapor, the new Xbox controller with an enigmatic design | LevelUp

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Xbox gamers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a controller. This is thanks to the fact that Microsoft continually creates and launches new controllers with all kinds of attractive designs. Proof of this is that the company revealed this morning a new controller that will undoubtedly delight many gamers.

It is the Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition controller. As its name suggests, it belongs to the new collection of controllers that Xbox revealed earlier this year. So it will join the Stormcloud Vapor and Dream Vapor controllers, which are already available.

When will the new Nocturnal Vapor controller debut and how much will it cost?

Via Xbox Wire, Microsoft revealed the Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition controller, whose design is inspired by nocturnal nature. It features swirls filled with dark hues that give it an enigmatic and elegant look.

The controller combines various shades of green to offer a unique design that will fascinate gamers. It is compatible with consoles, PC and mobile devices. Its pre-sale will start today in select regions and will retail for $69.99 USD.

Gamers will be able to add it to their collection very soon, as it is scheduled for release on April 9 in most regions. It's worth remembering that Xbox also recently introduced the Arctic Camo Special Edition controller, which was previously a U.S. exclusive and is now available worldwide.

The Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition is part of a special collection whose designs are inspired by steam and fog. Below are some images showing the new controller and its cool look.

This is what Nocturnal Vapor, the new Xbox controller, looks like

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