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McDonald's All American: Practice 1 Top Performers

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Houston, Texas - Twenty-four of the top high school players in the class of 2024 are in Houston for the annual McDonald's All-American game. A full week of events take place prior to the game set on Tuesday night. While trips to the Ronald McDonald House and multiple classes and seminars are there for the kids, so are practices. These practices are some of theetitive environments you will find for evaluation purposes.

NBA scouts lined the court along with select media. On3's Jamie Shaw was courtside to talk about the top performers.

2024 McDonald's All-American Game Roster Breakdown

On3 MVP: Five-Star Plus+ CG Dylan Harper (Rutgers)

In this setting, athleticism pops a lot of the time. However, with Dylan Harper, his IQ and feel for the game is what shined. Harper had the ball in his hands and consistently put pressure on the paint. His body and clearly developed, with his muscle tone and core strength. Harper has a great understanding of pace, and his ability to get his shoulder into his defender and make a play through contact is impressive. The ball never sticks with the 6-foot-5 guard and he makes excellent decisions with great touch. Harper also knocked down multiple threes as the ball made its way back to him. His ability to make everyone around him better was on display.

2. Five-Star Plus+ SF Cooper Flagg (Duke)

Even in a setting like this, with the best players from around the country in attendance, Cooper Flagg was one of the top performers. Good things and production seem to continue to find him, on both sides of the floor. Flagg walks on the court with a confident swagger, he seems to understand that most NBA scout eyes are on him. He did not disappoint. Flagg made plays on defense, but he also created opportunities with the ball. Flagg finishes above the rim, cuts well off the ball, and he is an adept passer throwing on target and on time in the half-court. He does a lot of things at a high level.

3. 4-Star F Donnie Freeman (Syracuse)

Donnie Freeman is a late-bloomer, but also one On3 has in the top ten. His archetype is one that is finding a lot of success at the highest levels. Listed at 6-foot-9, the forward is effective in the passing lanes and he is very efficient on offense. His touch popped in this setting, knocking down multiple one and two-dribble pull-ups and catch-and-shoot threes. Freeman is a fluid athlete with a switchable defensive upside, and he is figuring out his offensive game and things are coming together quickly.

4. 5-Star SF Drake Powell (UNC)

Drake Powell is the ultimate connector While he might not be as dynamic as some of the others in attendance, he rarely makes mistakes on the floor. In this setting, Powell showed off his knockdown mid-range jump shot, getting to the elbows and making shots. He also knocked down multiple catch-and-shoot threes. Powell might be the best perimeter defender in this class and the ball never sticks in his hands. There is a high floor with the production looking ahead with Powell.

5. 5-Star Plus+ SG Jalil Bethea (Miami)

When the brightest lights came on Jalil Bethea did what he does, score the basketball. He has unwavering confidence with the ball in his hands and excellent footwork and an understanding of angles to receive the pass and get a shot off. Bethea was comfortable with the ball in his hands, getting the ball into the front court, but he really played at his best off the ball, looking to score. While the drills and small-sided games did not really showcase his best stuff, during game time he was a threat each time he touched the ball. 

6. 4-star SF Karter Knox (Kentucky)

These settings always seem to suit Karter Knox. The Kentucky commitment showed a well-rounded game today, knocking down shots from multiple levels and attacking the rim in transition. Knox has a sturdy frame, he is a good straight-line athlete, and shows upside on the defensive end, especially in the passing lanes. But it continues to be his offense that is interesting in this type of setting. 

7. 4-Star C Derik Queen (Maryland)

Derik Queen is a tough matchup at the high school level. On the block, he has such a great understanding and feel for carving out space and getting open looks. He has excellent hands in traffic, and his touch is natural around the rim, with both hands. At this level, Queen gets opposing post players on his back and does not let them out of jail. He is a below-the-rim type and the motor can be inconsistent at times, but the continued production is hard to ignore for the Maryland commitment. 

8. 5-Star Plus+ VJ Edgecombe (Baylor)

VJ Edgecombe is one of the most explosive athletes in this class, which is part of the reason why On3 was so far ahead of the curve in moving him into five-star status. Edgecombe has a big defensive upside. He shows great anticipation in the passing lanes, and he is a willing defender with a competitive nature on the ball. Offensively, Edgecombe showed his ability to knock down shots today. When the ball rotated around, he was shot-ready and knocked down multiple threes. Edgecombe can set an offense in the half-court, and he moves to the ball to get from a good shot to a great shot for his team. There is an efficiency that he plays with that is appealing, but also a known factor that even if the shot is not falling, he will still positively affect the game. 

Other Top McDonald's All-American Performers

4-Star SF Liam McNeeley (Undecided) is a noted shooter and he lived up to his reputation today, knocking down shots throughout. McNeeley has a good frame with great length. He was shot ready and the ball went in at a high clip. 

Five-Star Plus+ F Ace Bailey (Rutgers) continues to show as much upside as anyone in the high school class. He has great length with a legit 6-foot-8 frame. He needs to continue to lock in defensively but has an upside there. A lot of his shots come from deep and are of the step-back variety, but his ability to make those shots can be impressive. 

5-Star C Flory Bidunga (Kansas) is one of the most explosive players in the event, and the loud nature of his game makes that obvious. He is active on the boards and the 6-foot-8 post tries to dunk everything around the rim. 

4-Star F Carter Bryant (Arizona) continues to show the upside flashes that made him a coveted prep prospect. Standing 6-foot-8, he can defend multiple positions, moving his feet and getting in the passing lanes. He can also knock down a three and finish above the rim. 

4-Star PG Trent Perry (USC) is a player who smooth and never rushed. No matter the setting he is confident with the ball, gets it to the right spots, and knocks down shots. He did just that here.

5-Star SG Ian Jackson (UNC) has good size and he plays with a lot of confidence on the ball. Jackson was at his best in transition, getting downhill to the rim and finishing through contact.

4-Star PG Boogie Fland (Kentucky) has a strong leadership quality about him. He is very vocal throughout the practice, and very encouraging. Fland can shoot the ball and he moves it into good situations.

5-Star C Jayden Quaintance (Kentucky) is so powerful on the floor. His explosion is hard to miss and is strength helped him secure rebounds on both ends. The shot was not falling today, but he finished well around the rim and showed great defensive upside as the youngest player at the event.

5-Star SF Isaiah Evans (Duke) competes. He brings the ultimate confidence to the floor each time he steps on it and he is not afraid to let it fly. While he was finding himself open looks, the shots did not fall today. After the practice ended, he was one of two players to stay on the court and get up extra shots. 

4-Star SF Bryson Tucker (Indiana) has a great frame with good length and some athletic pop. He is comfortable with the ball in his hands and his defensive upside is intriguing. Tucker is at his best working through the mid-range. Tucker was one of the first players on the court to start the practice.

FIve-Star Plus+ SG Tre Johnson (Texas) has a smooth offensive feel, able to find himself open looks in the half-court. While the makes were fluid today, his vocal leadership showed. 

4-Star C Aiden Sherrell (Alabama) is one of the more fluid bigs in the class, and that is a lot of the intrigue with his game. He moves so well, able to show and slide on defense as well as affect play around the rim. In this setting, he did not find his footing on offense, but he played with a purpose. 

4-Star SF Derrion Reid (Alabama) versatility is key with him. From the small forward spot, he can defend multiple positions and create offense off the bounce. He has good length and he carries a natural feel for the game. He also always seems to be smiling.

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