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Macron rules out resigning, 'whatever the result' of French election

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Scorched-earth summer: Biden, Sunak and Macron go negative

Struggling leaders in America, Britain and France are bombarding their political opponents, some of whom are testing the bounds of the mainstream.

Jun 20 8 mins read

France's next government will have to tussle with EU's spending police

Macron's snap election looks likely to herald a fight between Paris and Brussels as the country is one of seven placed in Excessive Deficit Procedure.

Jun 19 4 mins read

France risks IMF, Commission oversight if Macron loses, finance minister warns

Bruno Le Maire raises the specter of financial disaster for France if President Emmanuel Macron's opponents win this month's snap election.

Jun 18 2 mins read

French far right pulls manifesto that included controversial Russia, NATO plans

The now-deleted documents proposed a closer "alliance" with Russia and exiting NATO.

Jun 17 3 mins read

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