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Suspect in double homicide, kidnapping now faces federal charge

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Alek Collins is accused of shooting two women at a park just outside of Clovis and kidnapping a baby.

ABILENE, TEXAS — The man accused of killing two women in Clovis and kidnapping an infant is now facing a federal charge.

Alik Collins appeared in court for the first time Tuesday, standing before a federal judge in Abilene, Texas, where police arrested him earlier this month.

Collins is accused of shooting and killing Samantha Cisneros and Taryn Allen at Ned Houk Park, just outside of Clovis. They say he then shot a 5-year-old girl, badly injuring her, before kidnapping 10-month-old Eleia Maria Torres.

Authorities said he had no connection to any of the victims.

Police tracked Collins through cell phone data and surveillance. As they were about to arrest him in Abilene, federal officials say he carjacked an Uber driver at gunpoint, put the baby in the back seat and drove off.

Abilene police then chased him down and pinned his vehicle, forcing him to stop. Authorities say they then arrested him and found the baby safe.

Collins faces a federal charge of kidnapping. He also faces charges in New Mexico for murder, kidnapping and child abuse.


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