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Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West Over Drake Dating Rumors, Sex Tape Talk

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Kim Kardashian Drags Kanye for Drake Hookup Claims ... Sex Tape Talk, Too!!!

5/25/2023 7:35 AM PT


Kim Kardashian is clearly seein' red, at times, when it comes to her ex-husband Kanye West ... ripping into him for publicly talking about her sex tape, and cooking up rumors she was hooking up with Drake behind his back.

KK went off about Ye during the season 3 premiere of "The Kardashians," telling Kris Jenner how "exhausted" she's been with her ex-hubby's behavior ... saying he spread the rumor she was having an extramarital affair with Drake -- with whom Kanye's had beef.

Remember, Kanye put Kim, their family and friends through hell for weeks on social media. Not only did he attack Pete Davidson, but he also took racist shots at Trevor Noah -- eventually getting him suspended from Instagram.

Instagram / @kanyewest

At the time, it seemed like Kanye found a new victim almost daily, but Kim remained his most sought-after target. Something that understandably was weighing on the mother of 4. He also posted videos accusing Kim of keeping the kids from him -- something that just wasn't true.

As Kim sees it ... Ye, who once bragged he's her ultimate protector, is doing the opposite these days, which she says includes uncomfortably bringing up her sex tape with Ray J all those years ago.

Kim goes on to say his "insane" narratives are a common occurrence, but believes all the stuff he's been spewing will mess up their kids more than her tape ever could. She even says Ye wants to approve what she says about him on the show ... which, obviously, didn't go his way.

As we reported, Kim and Ye called it quits in 2021 and finalized their divorce the following year. Since the split, we've seen him call out his ex-wife quite a bit over co-parenting -- especially when she was at the heat of her relationship with Pete Davidson.


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Back in December, Kim said she tries her best to keep the parental drama away from her 4 kids' eyes ... jumping to great lengths to keep the noise to a minimum around them.

She also recently revealed she's cried herself to sleep over the many challenges she faces taking care of their kiddos.

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