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Nor'easter Expected to Bring New York City's Heaviest Snow in Over 2 Years

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U.S.|Nor'easter Expected to Bring New York City's Heaviest Snow in Over 2 Years


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A storm starting Monday night will bring heavy snow to parts of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, forecasters said.

Heavy snowfall in West Hartford, Conn., in January.Credit...Jessica Hill for The New York Times

Published Feb. 12, 2024Updated Feb. 13, 2024

Heavy snowfall will spread over parts of the Northeast starting late Monday and into Tuesday, with some areas expected to get up to two inches of snow an hour, National Weather Service forecasters said.

This is not a long lasting storm; the snow will come down quickly and in some cases pile up to a foot or more.

Even Central Park, which hasn't been coated in a half a foot of snow or more since Jan. 29, 2022, could see the return of sledding, snowballs and snowmen by Tuesday afternoon.

Early Monday, the Weather Service said its forecasters were confident that Connecticut and the Lower Hudson Valley would see at least six inches of snow.

The heaviest snow will fall in northern Pennsylvania and southern New York before tracking into southern New England on Tuesday, the Weather Service said.

Late Monday, the forecast was changing, with a greater likelihood that the heaviest snow could fall farther south across New York City and Long Island. Areas north and west of New York City could receive less snow than originally anticipated. However, exactly where the heaviest band might fall was still not certain.

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