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YouTube Videos Are Now Skipping Till The End If You Have An Adblocker Installed, Making It Even More Difficult To Enjoy Interruption-Free Content

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Viewing content without being forced to watch ads is becoming painstakingly difficult, unless you have subscribed to YouTube Premium. At first, the video-uploading and streaming platform was throttling the performance of the clips, making it difficult for viewers to watch their content of choice.

However, it was not deemed impossible because those who possessed faster bandwidth could make things work. Unfortunately, that is no longer an option either because YouTube is skipping videos right to the end if you have an adblocker installed and enabled. It appears that the only option available for users is to watch ads if they want to avoid paying for the service.

Videos automatically skipping to the end means that there will be no clever workaround to resume viewing free YouTube content

The platform has slowly been finding ways to get users to stop using adblockers. Initially, YouTube would display a message saying that viewers should turn off their adblockers, but this approach did little as the message was simply ignored. Next, YouTube started throttling the streaming performance of any videos uploaded to the website, but it was still not a concrete solution.

However, what the company has done now will likely force individuals to turn off adblockers entirely. At first, we thought it was a bug affecting the video, but we were quick to register that it is another tactic employed by YouTube. Now, If you have noticed that videos are suddenly skipping straight to the end, you are not alone, and for those wondering, it is not a glitch.

Also, if you try to replay the video or move your cursor to a certain part of the clip to circumvent this limitation, it will be fruitless. In some cases, the video will load endlessly. We tried running different adblockers to see if the same behavior was being exhibited, and sure enough, we ran into the same problem.

The only alternatives at this point are to wait for adblockers to get smarter and scale this obstacle or subscribe to YouTube Premium. For a small monthly fee, the viewer will never have to watch ads again.

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