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Game Pass on PC gets six new games for April

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Including the delightful Lil Gator Game

Microsoft have announced April's new arrivals for the Game Pass subscription service, and it includes a cute game about being an alligator, a cute game about gardening, a cute game about fleeing a doomed planet in search of a new home among the stars, and also EA Sports PGA Tour, I guess.

Here's the full list of games heading to Game Pass on PC in April:

Of these, I'd pay attention to Lil Gator Game most. I have played and completed A Short Hike three times, and when I badly needed a new game with similarly good vibes, bucolic art and playful environments, Lil Gator Game hit the spot. It's a relentlessly good time.

I'm guessing Superhot: Mind Control Delete does not have "good vibes", but I did enjoy bending time and shattering heads in its predecessors. It's the third entry in the series of first-person shooters where time moves only when you do.

Meanwhile, the following games will leave Game Pass this month:

Bad times for horror-likers. You can find more deets of all of the above over on the Xbox blog.

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