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iPhone home screens may get a total redesign when Apple launches iOS 18. Here's what they might look like.

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The home screen layout of Apple devices has remained largely unchanged since the iPhone debuted in 2007, but an upcoming update could mean an all-new design.

Although many predict that Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in June will be heavily focused on artificial intelligence announcements, Bloomberg reported that iOS 18 will also let users customize their home screens.

iPhone uers will be able to change the color of app icons and arrange them however they want instead of in the grid pattern Apple is known for, according to Bloomberg. While some users might sort their apps in folders today, the update could allow them to color code their home screen.

Along with a new home screen and AI-powered updates to several iPhone apps, iOS 18 reportedly includes new AI-enabled emojis capabilities.

By pairing generative AI with its iconic emojis, Apple would allow users to create custom specialized emojis on the spot.

The tech giant will be playing catch-up at its upcoming conference following splashy AI announcements from competitors like Google and Microsoft over the past few weeks.

Wedbush Securities managing director Dan Ives called it Apple's "most anticipated event in a decade."

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider, but more is expected to be revealed at WWDC, which kicks off on June 10.

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