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Measles cases on the rise in the U.S., including Georgia

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The U.S. has already seen more cases of measles in 2024 than the total number of cases in all of 2023.

So far, we've had 64 cases, surpassing the 59 we saw last year.

Although that number may seem alarming, doctors say you don't have to worry too much... as long as you and your child have been vaccinated.

According to the CDC, the U.S. has experienced some major outbreaks of the disease in Chicago, southeast Florida and Philadelphia since the start of the year.

It has spread to 17 states, including Georgia.

Measles is a highly contagious disease that spreads through things like coughing and sneezing.

That's why pediatricians are urging you to get your child vaccinated if you haven't already.

"It's a nasty disease. High fever, miserable rash, bad cough, bad congestion, significant chance of hospitalization or sometimes worse. Even though our community, Savannah, has not seen measles yet, it's around us. They've had it in Atlanta, they've had it in Florida. It doesn't take but one traveler to bring it to our area. As long as you've had your child protected, than you can sleep well," said Dr. Ben Spitalnick, Pediatric Associates of Savannah.

To make sure your child's vaccinations are up to date, Dr. Spitalnick says it's best to reach out to your healthcare provider.

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