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The Apple Vision Pro would be delayed: initially planned for January 2024, this is what we know - Softonic

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Everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Apple's new special computer, the Vision Pro. A product that was supposed to be launched early next year but, apparently, might face delays. According to the latest report from Mark Gurman, the company had plans to release its anticipated headset in January 2024. However, it seems we'll have to wait a bit longer.

A slight delay, probably due to the hardware aspect

According to Gurman, although its release was initially expected in January, now the device is anticipated to make its debut "around March." Despite this small delay, the excitement doesn't diminish. Apple has officially confirmed that the Vision Pro will be released for sale in early next year in the United States, with plans to expand to other countries during the same 2024.

An interesting strategy Apple will adopt for selling this device is its exclusive availability in Apple stores and the company's online store. It won't be found in third-party retailers, indicating Apple's desire to carefully shape the launch experience of the new platform. According to Gurman, Apple stores will need to stock hundreds of different SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), including various headband sizes and prescription lens options.

Regarding the timing of the launch, everything suggests that the software team appears ready for a debut in January, as Gurman suggests. The latest visionOS beta includes videos and instructions on how to use the device. These resources are typically prepared towards the end of the software development cycle in case there are any changes in the interface or in how certain actions are performed.

With a March launch on the horizon, similar to the rollout of the Apple Watch, it's expected that Apple will host another event in the spring before the device's launch. As a result, we should witness the official launch beyond the announcement we saw earlier this year at WWDC 2023, marking the kickoff of the device's sale. The anticipation is incredibly high, and although the rumored delay is moderate, it's evident that many of us are eager to see this product in the market as soon as possible. While the most controversial feature of the Apple Vision Pro might disappear in the cheaper version of the device, we'll see if Apple can surprise us in this aspect.

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