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Apple Intelligence Preview

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Apple Intelligence

AI for the rest of us.

Coming in beta this fall

Built into your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to help you write, express yourself, and get things done effortlessly.

Draws on your personal context while setting a brand-new standard for privacy in AI.

Apple Intelligence

Great powers come with great privacy.

Apple Intelligence is designed to protect your privacy at every step. It's integrated into the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac through on-device processing. So it's aware of your personal information without collecting your personal information. And with groundbreaking Private Cloud Compute, Apple Intelligence can draw on larger server-based models, running on Apple silicon, to handle more complex requests for you while protecting your privacy.

Private Cloud Compute

ChatGPT, seamlessly integrated.

With ChatGPT from OpenAI integrated into Siri and Writing Tools, you get even more expertise when it might be helpful for you — no need to jump between tools. Siri can tap into ChatGPT for certain requests, including questions about photos or documents. And with Compose in Writing Tools, you can create and illustrate original content from scratch.

You control when ChatGPT is used and will be asked before any of your information is shared. Anyone can access ChatGPT for free, without creating an account. ChatGPT subscribers can connect accounts to access paid features within these experiences.

New possibilities for your favorite apps.

New App Intents, APIs, and frameworks make it incredibly easy for developers to integrate system-level features like Siri, Writing Tools, and Image Playground into your favorite apps.

Learn more about developing for Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence is compatible with these devices.

Apple Intelligence is free to use and will initially be available in U.S. English. Coming in beta this fall.

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