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Rand Paul and GOP face mockery for fractured Mar-a-Lago raid response - follow live

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ICYMI: Mar-a-Lago footage subpoenaed by DoJ sparks speculation Trump may still have some classified documents

A new subpoena from the Justice Department is raising the question: Is the DOJ done retrieving potentially classified material from Mar-a-Lago?

The New York Times reports that investigators from the Justice Department subpoenaed video from a 60-day period "including views from outside the storage room" where the documents in question were being kept.

"According to a person briefed on the matter, the footage showed that, after one instance in which Justice Department officials were in contact with Mr. Trump's team, boxes were moved in and out of the room," the Times's Maggie Haberman reported.

If true, it means that investigators could be on the lookout for further materials removed from the White House apparently without authorization.

Read more from The Independent's Graeme Massie:

Mar-a-Lago footage sparks speculation Trump may still have some classified documents

Video from 60-day period included 'views from outside the storage room', according to report

John Bowden15 August 2022 01:20


John Bolton tears latest Trump documents defence to shreds

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton, one of the highest-ranking ex-officials in the Trump administration who had access to documents at the highest levels of classification, said on Sunday that allies of Donald Trump who claim that the ex-president issued a "standing order" to declassify any materials removed from the White House are lying.

Mr Bolton responded to the claim, raised by Kash Patel and others, in an interview with CBS's Face the Nation.

"This is likely a lie," he said. "I was never aware of any such order. Never heard of it. Never heard of it after I left. I have no reason to believe it exists."

"Was this supposed order ever memorialized by the White House counsel? What about by the National Security Council? If so, where is it? And is [Trump] aware that declassifying leaves those documents open to [Freedom of Information Act] requests? It is also a huge logistical task that does not seem to have happened."

John Bowden15 August 2022 00:20


Rick Scott joins Republicans in denigrating FBI after Mar-a-Lago raid

Sen Rick Scott, a member of Senate GOP leadership, is joining the ranks of Trump supporters angry at the Justice Department for raiding the home of the former president to obtain illegally-retained classified materials.

In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Mr Scott wrote this week that "[t]he American people are justifiably alarmed by the conduct of your agencies".

His comments come as other Republicans like Dan Crenshaw have complained that the GOP's sudden intense criticism of the FBI makes the party look unserious.

John Bowden14 August 2022 23:50


Marjorie Taylor Greene goes on unhinged rant against Democrats

Marjorie Taylor Greene has gone on another rant about her political enemies, and is now claiming that America is a "fallen country".

Her rhetoric, posted online by a Democratic-aligned opposition research group, contrasts sharply with the four-year-plus insistence of Donald Trump that he "made America great again" during his presidency. Mr Trump famously also ran under the slogan "Keep America Great" in 2020.

John Bowden14 August 2022 23:20


Intel committee Democrat says he's seen 'no evidence' Trump declassified docs at Mar-a-Lago

Rep Adam Schiff, a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed on Sunday that his panel has seen no evidence to support arguments from Donald Trump's allies that he ordered the declassification of large amounts of documents that were seized from his home by FBI agents last week.

Mr Schiff threw cold water on the theory, which posits that a president cannot be investigated for illegal retention of classified materials because of the power of a president to order those documents declassified. Notably, former presidents do not have that same power.

Watch below:

John Bowden14 August 2022 22:50


Amy Klobuchar dodges on whether Trump should be indicted

Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat and 2020 candidate for president, wouldn't say on Sunday whether she believes Donald Trump should be indicted for allegedly retaining classified information at Mar-a-Lago.

Ms Klobuchar told NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press that presidents do not rule unilaterally like a "king", but didn't answer specifically whether Attorney General Merrick Garland should seek an indictment if he believes there is enough evidence to prove that Mr Trump committed a crime.

Watch below:

John Bowden14 August 2022 22:20


ICYMI: Geraldo Rivera scorches Trump supporters for anti-FBI rhetoric

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera strongly criticised the response to the Mar-a-Lago raid from Donald Trump and his diehard supporters this week in a rare and scathing condemnation of the far-right that is rarely heard on the conservative network.

Mr Rivera appeared on the network this week after a man died following a shootout with FBI agents in Ohio, apparently after attempting to attack the agency's local headquarters.

"I hope and pray that this is not related to Mar-a-Lago, because the vitriol and the tone of the rhetoric and the hatred being directed against the bureau by supporters, fringe supporters of the former president is very alarming," Mr Rivera warned on Thursday.

"I'm not sure, the details of the Mar-a-Lago raid will eventually be revealed to us. We'll know everything eventually. But to see this, this really visceral hatred directed at the FBI by people who believe that they are supporting the former president is really, really, very, very dangerous," he said.

John Bowden14 August 2022 21:50


'Who knows what could happen': Aides fret that chaos of Jan 6 led to Mar-a-Lago raid

Former aides to Donald Trump are privately (and in some cases, publicly) fretting about the possibility that Donald Trump may have exposed himself to criminal liability during the chaotic final days of his presidency.

One even told Politico's Playbook newsletter that the tumultous end of the Trump presidency following the January 6 attack on Congres may have led to a sloppy transition that resulted in classified materials being boxed up and taken out of the White House improperly.

"If you only start packing with two days left to go, you're just running low on time. … And if he's the one just throwing things in boxes, who knows what could happen?" said the unnamed Trump aide.

John Bowden14 August 2022 21:20


Trump makes ominous warning of 'great simmering anger'

Donald Trump is back posting on Truth Social, still fuming over the FBI's raid of his Mar-a-Lago resort and home in Florida last week. It's since been reported that investigators sought illegally-retained classified materials, reportedly including documents that touched on nuclear topics.

In a "Truth" posted Sunday afternoon, the ex-president claimed that he had just left a gathering of his diehard supporters and warned of a "great simmering anger" amidst his base.

"Just left a large gathering of people and all they could talk about was the complete and total stranglehold that the Radical Left Democrats have over the DOJ & FBI. It shouldn't be that way. Nobody goes after BLM, ANTIFA, or the rest, despite murder, beatings, and burning down large sections of cities, a very unfair double standard. They definitely won't attack the home of a former Democrat President, nor should they. It is all so out of control, great simmering anger!" he wrote.

John Bowden14 August 2022 20:50


What happened during the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid?

Monday's raid at Mar-a-Lago by FBI agents hunting for illegally retained classified material, reportedly including documents related to nuclear topics, continues to be the biggest story in US politics. Never before has the home of a former president been searched by law enforcement as they investigate for potential criminal activity.

Revisit a play-by-play of an unprecedented moment in US political history:

Donald Trump: What happened during the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid?

John Bowden14 August 2022 20:19

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