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Bronze 2021 Ford Bronco Turns Into Elegant Off-Roader With Black-Milled Wheels

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While not all woes have been put behind the 2021 Bronco by Ford, it seems that its reinvented sixth-generation SUV is popular enough to warrant entry into new markets. But does it have the (elegant) chops for it?

Among the many issues that have befallen the reintroduction of the beloved off-road nameplate, the MIC hardtop problem easily stands out in a recent crowd. Luckily, demand and interest are so great that Ford's CEO Jim Farley is already hinting the Blue Oval might be ready to send it across the Atlantic Ocean for Old Continent fans to (worry and) rejoice.

But, of course, the customers have different tastes in Europe, and some are notoriously fussy about their choice of wheels. While Ford sells the 2021 Bronco across no less than six trims (from the $28,500 Base to $49,475 Wildtrack), none of them seems intended for a night at the Opera, among others. But no worries, the Bronco does stand out as the proverbial blank canvas for easy customization.

It just takes a moment to grasp the enormity of options. There are so many aftermarket outlets gunning for Bronco fan attention that it is sometimes hard to make out one's mind. Still, there are certain parties that value subtlety and elegance above all else, which could go a long way for some. Although, unfortunately, at times we are only dealing with virtual builds.

Here's a great example of an almost monochromatic take on the 2021 Bronco. It's dressed up in a bronze color scheme from top to bottom (even the front Bronco letters seem to match) and the only other color accents come from the black plastic cladding and the new Gear Off Road/ATDWheels 764 Leverage Black Milled alloys. Unfortunately, this elegant take on the tough SUV doesn't exist in real life.

It was purposefully created to showcase the specialist company's new-for-2021 wheel options, which include entries into the 764 (Leverage), 765 (Ridge), 766 (Lumen), and 767 (Pangea) series. As for Bronco's 764 option, the prices for this version kick off at $339 and the wheel series is available in a Black Milled or Chrome finish with 20- and 22-inch dimensions (and a variety of bolt patterns, offsets, spacing, etc.).

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