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Everyone made the same Kirby Smart joke after explosive Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisher comments

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Georgia coach Kirby Smart was captured eating popcorn while watching a recruit play(Via Twitter).


Connor Riley,

DawgNation Staff

@KconnorrileyPosted May 20, 2022

Nick Saban started it. Jimbo Fisher returned fire in epic fashion, comparing Saban to God and saying he should've been slapped more as a child. Things got so out of hand between the two coaches on Thursday that SEC commissioner Greg Sankey had to step up in and publicly admonish both coaches.

"The membership of the Southeastern Conference has established expectations for conduct and sportsmanship that were not met last night nor today," Sankey said in a statement. "A hallmark of the SEC is intense competition within an environment of collaboration. Public criticism of any kind does not resolve issues and creates a distraction from seeking solutions for the issues facing college athletics today."

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Saban later issued an apology for the original remarks. But everyone had their mind on one key missing piece in the whole affair: what would Kirby Smart think about all of this?

Like Fisher, Smart served as an assistant with Saban. As Fisher mentioned during his fiery press conference, Smart knows how Saban operates. Of the former Saban assistants, Smart has arguably become the most successful, as evidenced by his national championship win over Saban last season. Fisher and Smart are the only two former Saban assistants to beat the Alabama head coach.

Prior to Texas A&M's loaded 2022 recruiting cycle, Georgia seemed to be the only program that could consistently challenge Alabama on the recruiting trail, a credit to Smart and the way he attacks recruiting.

Smart has been asked about the impact Name, Image and likeness had on recruiting for this cycle. While he didn't go scorched earth like Saban, you could tell he is not a fan of the new wave of recruiting.

"I just want to make sure that the game stays at a point where we can control it," Smart said while appearing on the Paul Finebaum show last week. "I'm all for the players. We've had a lot of players getting opportunities with name-image-likeness. I would just like it where a decision isn't based on where 'I'm going to the highest bidder.' If we could control that some kind of way, it would be much better."

Georgia isn't scheduled to play Texas A&M or Alabama this season, but odds are the Bulldogs will likely see either team in Atlanta for the SEC championship. Georgia is favored to come out of the SEC East, while Alabama and Texas A&M are the top two teams in the SEC West. Those two teams are set to play Oct. 8 in what will easily be the most anticipated game of the regular season.

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