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Chamber's not alone: Nearly every VALORANT agent receives a change in the 5.12 patch

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The highlight of the upcoming VALORANT 5.12 patch is certainly the sweeping changes affecting Chamber, but those changes won't be the only ones made by Riot.

VALORANT's community manager published the 5.12 patch notes for the Public Beta Environment tonight, detailing a huge list of agent changes that players in PBE will test over this upcoming weekend. Alongside the agent ability updates are some "significant game system updates" and a small update to the Spectre.

One of the main focal points of the agent updates is increasing costs of several ultimates that have "large, site-wide footprints." Breach, KAY/O, and Viper's ultimate costs have increased from seven to eight points. Viper's Pit received other nerfs as well: her smoke integrity regeneration time has increased from five seconds to 25 seconds, and she can only spend roughly half the time outside of the pit before it goes away.

Many agents with deployable abilities will see those abilities receive a health buff. Cypher's Trapwire, KAY/O's ZERO/POINT knife, Killjoy's Nanoswarm, Raze's Blast Pack, Sova's Recon Bolt, and of course Chamber's Trademark now have 20 points of health instead of just one.

The newest agent, Harbor, will receive a buff to make him more viable. His High Tide water wall now has a 15 second duration instead of just 12 seconds, and his Cascade water wall duration is up to seven seconds from five.

Fade's Prowler health has decreased, Killjoy's Lockdown device health has increased, Omen's Paranoia cost has decreased, Raze's Boom Bot health has decreased, and Phoenix's Blaze cost has decreased.

Sage's Barrier Orb fortify delay has increased, and her healing orb heals herself less, but her allies more. Skye's Trailblazer costs more, but her Regrowth costs less. Yoru's Gatecrash has less health, but it also costs less.

Across agents as a whole, "abilities that output damage will now universally damage enemy objects that can be damaged." Essentially, any ability that deals damage will be able to damage an enemy piece of utility.

Finally, the Spectre's damage range has been changed. From zero to 15 meters, body shots deal 26 damage. From 15 to 30 meters, 22 damage is dealt. And from more than 30 meters, the gun deals 20 damage. Previously, body shots from zero to 20 meters dealt 26 damage, and shots from more than 20 meters dealt 22 damage.

The current PBE testing period for 5.12 changes runs until 1pm CT on Monday, Dec. 5.

All agent ability changes coming to VALORANT in Patch 5.12



Headhunter (Q)

Rendezvous (E)

Trademark (C)

Tour De Force (X)















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