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After melting connectors, Nvidia RTX 4090 now requires BIOS update to fix NFS Unbound

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It is probably fair to say that the GeForce RTX 4000 series launch hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for Nvidia. First, we had the issue of melting 12-pin power connectors on the RTX 4090 which is sure to leave affected users displeased.

Secondly, Nvidia is seemingly having a hard time selling its RTX 4080 due to its high MSRP of $1,199, which has landed it very close to the much better $1,599 RTX 4090. Consequently, 4080 scalpers are apparently unable to get rid of the cards they bought in early as there is an abundance of these cards. And these are besides the Windows 11 22H2-related problems, even though this one lies mostly on Microsoft.

Now, a new issue is plaguing Nvidia RTX 4090 cards where Need for Speed Unbound players have reported flashing and blinking screens. After investigating, EA's Global Community Manager, Jeff Braddock, published a fix for the bug, whereby users are required to do a VGA BIOS (vBIOS) update on their 4090.

Braddock writes:

We've seen reports of Flashing/Blinking Display issues with folks on high-end PCs (Nvidia RTX 4090). After testing, we've found a workaround/fix is to upgrade the bios on the 4090 video card.

You can find the Nvidia GPU UEFI Firmware tool on Nvidia's website here. If you want to do it another way, you can find the necessary standalone vBIOS on TechPowerUp's website here.

Via: TechPowerUp

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