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AMD 6nm "Mendocino" Zen2 APU with RDNA2 graphics for mainstream laptops will launch in Q4 - VideoCardz.com

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AMD Mendocino: Zen2+RDNA2

Today AMD unveiled its plans for the mainstream laptop market.

Before AMD launches its Ryzen 7000 series codenamed "Dragon Range/Phoenix" with Zen4 cores for laptops, the company is also set to introduce a refreshed Zen2 cores using 6 nm process technology. This interesting combination of Zen2 cores and AMD's latest RDNA2 graphics architecture will debut in Q4 this year.

AMD Mendocino, Source: VideoCardz

AMD Mendocino is to feature up to four cores and eight threads, so it's clearly not meant for high-performance systems. Instead, this SoC was designed for low-power mainstream laptops with over 10 hours of mixed use battery life.

Laptops based on Mendocino architecture should retail at 399 to 699 USD according to AMD's estimates. Such systems will be based on Windows as well as ChromeOS operating systems.

Mendocino will be AMD's second Zen2 processor based on 6 nm fabrication process from TSMC. The company already announced Van Gogh APU for Steam Deck featuring the same combination of compute/graphics architectures.

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