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Today's 'Wordle' Word Of The Day #338 Answer And Hint: Monday, May 23rd

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Here's today's Wordle answer plus a helpful hint.

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Another week, another Wordle. It's Monday, folks. Feels like just yesterday it was Sunday. Imagine that!

Summer is almost here, though it already feels like it is outside. I can barely type this post up I'm so eager to head out into the great outdoors and just do the nature thing for a bit. Or go to the park. Hike with the dogs. Anything other than sit at a desk inside!

So we'll make this quick. Let's check out today's Wordle, shall we?

Today's Wordle #338 Hint & Answer

Violets are blue, roses are read, there are spoilers just up ahead.

You've been warned.

Here's the hint: WD-40

And the answer is . . . .

Wordle #338 answer

Credit: Erik Kain

This is a pretty good word and kind of a tricky one, though I probably should have gotten it in fewer than five. My first guess ended up being kind of lousy. Crane certainly would have been better, landing me an 'e' in green and a yellow 'n'.

But I wanted tacos! I want taco trucks on every corner!

Actually, I'm making my slow-cooker beef barbacoa today and we're going to have some delicious street tacos this evening with family that's visiting from out of town, so tacos were just on my mind and I went with it.

It certainly eliminated some major letters, though in subsequent guesses I sort of squandered the benefits. In my second guess I used 't' again, for instance, and then in guess #4 I used 'c' again. I was trying to think of a word with vowels I hadn't already gotten rid of, which is why I picked their but I should have taken more time and thought of something that didn't include the 't'. I guess I'm just in a hurry.

Anyways, plunk was on purpose, using all letters I hadn't tried yet. That got me an 'n' and eliminated some other letters. Niche definitely got me closer to the right answer, but again I used that 'c' for a second time, stupidly. Fortunately, at this point—after scrambling the yellow letters and scouring the remaining options—I stumbled on hinge. And that's all she wrote, folks!

These days I think I hear the word "unhinged" more than the word "hinge" because we very rarely talk about doors and cabinets, but everyone is always eager to throw stones at their online enemies and call them names like "deplorable" or "unhinged." I say, be excellent to each other—and party on!

Happy Monday, dearest Wordlers. See you tomorrow!

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