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Jonestown: Stop swallowing Alex Jones' Kool-Aid

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Alex Jones is one of the worst humans on the planet, a pathological liar who exploits others' agony for attention and profit. We dare him to sue us for defamation.

Thursday and Friday, Jones was rightly ordered to pay more than $4 million in compensatory and $45 million in punitive damages in the first of three defamation suits for calling the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre a hoax, which is to say he called 20 murdered first graders figments of their parents' imaginations — and the mothers and fathers crisis actors, exposing them to a barrage of inhumane harassment in the process.

A sicker falsehood one cannot concoct, which is why it made our stomachs turn when in 2015 then-candidate Donald Trump went on Jones' show and said, "your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down."

FILE - In this Aug 3, 2022 file photo, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones attempts to answer questions about his emails during trial at the Travis County Courthouse in Austin. (Briana Sanchez/AP)

Decent people have understood the depths of the man's depravity for years, which is why it has been so delicious to watch his legal comeuppance these past months. Jones has already lost the trials by default, having refused to cooperate with the court and turn over necessary evidence. The proceedings in court are now just to determine damages — which is to say, to measure the severity of his contempt and his ability to pay up.

As revealed by Jones' turn in the witness chair this week, both are far larger than he will ever admit. For years he claimed that he had searched his phone for texts about the cases, coming up empty. An attorney for the plaintiffs revealed that Jones' attorneys mistakenly sent him "an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you've sent for the past two years," before reminding Jones that perjury is illegal.

The blubbering, sweating, wretched facsimile of a man of course could not explain himself. He did admit that the massacre he and Infowars, his reality distortion field, had called "completely fake" was in fact "100% real."

Jones' moral bankruptcy is complete, and affiliated companies have filed for pecuniary bankruptcy. But this slug wears pants, and there's surely more cash in hidden pockets. Keep shaking them hard. Make him pay.

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