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Valorant Patch 5.12: How will upcoming the Specter nerf affect SMG meta?

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Valorant Patch 5.12 is set to bring changes to Spectre (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games has officially released a list of changes that are set to make it to Valorant. The developers have released patch notes for PBE 5.12 that will feature many Agent changes. With that being said, a popular SMG from the game is set to see a few tweaks.

The Spectre will be going through a few alterations with the upcoming Valorant Patch 5.12. It is already looking forward to nerf Agents like Chamber, along with more changes for the other characters. With that being said, the weapon tweak was unexpected.

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The Valorant meta will see a huge shift in playstyle with a plethora of changes coming to the table with Patch 5.12.

Exploring patch notes for Spectre's nerfs in Valorant PBE 5.12

The Spectre is a frequently picked SMG that Valorant players often purchase in low-economy rounds due to its low price but high efficiency. However, they also use this weapon in particular as it sometimes helps in running around the map and not really aiming at opponents.

Riot Games is set to increase the skill cap for Spectre with Patch 5.12. The current statistics are as follows:

The new patch notes have stated the following changes for the weapon, giving the SMG a new damage range:

This significantly changes the way that the Spectre is played in many circumstances. Players will now have to be careful before picking gunfights at longer distances. This also means they can go for different options in ECO rounds if it no longer fulfills their needs.

Fans often go for SMGs with half or full armor in low-economy rounds. The main goal of these rounds is to deal as much damage as possible to the opponent's economy, and get a few impactful kills. This is especially the case when they are going against Agents with Assault Rifles such as Vandal or Phantom.

It is easy to assume that an SMG like Spectre does not really stand a chance against the popular rifles in Valorant. With that being said, at close range, it holds the upperhand with a fire rate that can quite easily obliterate the enemy.

This means players will still get their regular 26 damage under at or under 15 meters of distance.

Can the Spectre nerf really change the SMG meta in Valorant?

The upcoming changes for Spectre are not really a huge deal. Considering SMGs are often used and expected to excel at short-range engagements, a nerf to its damage range is not going to stop most players from using it.

However, for the price range, players can go for the Stinger as the weapon was recently buffed and is a cheaper option. With that being said, these changes are not likely to change the SMG meta.

In the low-economy rounds, the Spectre can still be expected to remain a decent pick, if not the top choice. With that being said, players will indeed have a hard time picking fights at distances that cross 30 meters. To fill the range gap, weapons like Marshal and Sheriff are expected to see more plays in the future.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan

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