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John Mayer Recalls '3-Hour Conversations' with Late Friend Bob Saget: 'Appreciated the Meaning of Life'

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John Mayer paid tribute to his friend Bob Saget this week by supporting a cause close to the late comedian's heart.

While attending the Cool Comedy * Hot Cuisine fundraiser on Thursday, benefitting the Scleroderma Research Foundation, the musician recalled the "three-hour conversations" he shared with the Full House star "that spanned time and space."

"I'm thinking, like we all do, 'Well, that was a nice dinner. I can't wait to see him again,'" he exclusively told PEOPLE on the red carpet. "But on my way home, [I'd get] a giant text that Bob had dictated into his iPhone, half of which was him railing on Siri. But these incredibly loving texts, after having sat with him for three hours, getting another text of this expression of kindness and love."

John Mayer and Bob Saget. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

"He would take it in the car and go, 'I have to let that man know how special tonight was,' and that's the legacy for me," he adds about Saget, who died at age 65 in January. "To just let people know as much as you can, not just that you love them, but that the things that you do together are meaningful. I don't think we let each other know how meaningful these things are."

"To be able to write someone, and go, 'Hey, I'm really glad I met you,' you know, some of those things hit even harder than some of the more didactic things," Mayer, 44, continued. "He just really appreciated the meaning of life and the meaningfulness of life."

Mayer says the aspects of his late friend that remain with him are Saget's "kindness, caring, absurdity, mixed with love," and his ability to hold onto the "silliness" we "all lose" as we get older. "He reminded me every time that, 'Yes, John, you can afford to be a little sillier if you've got love in your heart,'" he said about the actor. "It was this great mix of silliness, absurdity, and a deep, deep undercurrent of love."

Mayer was joined by funnymen Jimmy Kimmel and Jeff Ross to host the Beverly Hills event, which was spearheaded by Saget for 30 years before his untimely passing.

John Salangsang/Shutterstock

"This was his pride and joy... this was the most important thing to him," Mayer said about the event, which saw a number of Saget's friends, colleagues and family members come out to show their support. "He was so burdened by having to ask people to do this... and this is our opportunity to show him that we really did want to do it because we're here without him, sadly. We're going to do our best to reanimate his enthusiasm for this cause without him, which is a very, very tall order."

The "New Light" singer also took to the stage at the fundraiser, performing a set with a very special memento of Saget's: the guitar he played during his last show. "[Bob's wife] Kelly and Bob's daughters Lara and Aubrey were so sweet and tracked the guitar down," he said. "It was a rental in Florida, and they tracked it down and bought it off of the guy who owned the music shop... that to me is a real, real cherished guitar."

While his entire set was dedicated to Saget, Mayer played his 2017 song "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" especially in his honor. "I knew I would be singing it at some point in my life for those I lost, but I never thought I would be singing it for Bob," he said. "I thought to myself when I first walked in the room, 'Why couldn't he have been here for his tribute? Why couldn't we have had a tribute to Bob Saget four years ago, while he was here?'"

"The great thing is that no one who knew Bob has that abject misery of wondering whether he knew how much they loved him or wondering whether he loved them as much as he did," he adds. "His accounting was impeccable."

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