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New Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Night Mode camera samples pop up

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As it usually is with high-end phones, one of the most interesting aspects of Samsung's Galaxy S Ultra models has always been its camera system and what it is capable of. This is no different with the upcoming

Galaxy S23 Ultra, so it is nothing but exciting when

information about its camera sensors pops up online to give us a hint into the phone's shooting capabilities.

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Learning about camera specs is great and all, but what's even better is seeing some actual sample photos, like the

alleged S23 Ultra 30x zoom sample that recently got leaked. Now we have yet another showcase of the phone's photographic capabilities in the form of photos taken in low light, shared on Twitter by Edwards Urbina. (via AndroidHeadlines)

There are three samples that were most likely taken by the new 200MP main camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. For each of them we have an one that has been taken from a similar angle without Night Mode turned, giving us an idea of how dark the scene was before the camera sensor and software work their magic to make it brighter. Take a look:

As you can see, the photos were taken in extremely dark conditions, and the S23 Ultra manages to brighten the scene to point where the subject is more than enough visible. Of course, keep in mind that these are leaked prior to the phone's release, so we can't be fully certain that the phone will perform the same way once it is officially out.

It is also worth mentioning that while some of the subjects in these shots may seem soft with Night Mode, that is most likely because the phone has opted for a longer exposure. When shooting with longer exposures the camera is in the process of taking the photo for a longer time than usual, which means that any movement which occurs gets represented in the final image, usually in the form of blurred trails. That is why you see some of the stars here as smudges rather than dots, or some of plant's leaves appearing soft in the second image.

If these images really were taken with a Galaxy S23 Ultra though, things are looking good for Samsung's super flagship phone. We can't wait to test its Night Mode ourselves and share with you the results, so stay tuned.

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