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Steam Update Brings Great News for Nintendo Fans

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If you're big on Nintendo's various hardware offerings including the Nintendo Switch and some of the company's classic controllers released recently, the latest Steam update that's currently in beta has some good news in store. The update in question focuses on two things and two things alone: added support for Joy-Cons to be used in Steam games as well as improved support for some of those classic, modernized Nintendo controllers people may have picked up in recent years.

The latest Steam Client Beta update detailed this week by Valve was short and to the point. It affected only those who have Nintendo Switch Joy-Con remotes and have been looking for ways to use them outside of just a Nintendo Switch.

The full patch notes for this latest beta update on Steam can be found below:

Steam Client Beta August 4th


Like any of these beta updates for Steam, you'll have to opt into the test to try out what's new. If you're not in a hurry, it'll be released for the live version of Steam at later date anyway, so there's no rush.

So, if you've got your mouse and keyboard and already have other controllers like the DualSense and the newer Xbox controllers that can be used with Steam, why would you need the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons or other classic Nintendo controllers to work? Some just like the feel of those classic controllers whether because of the designs or the sense of nostalgia while others have found uses for the Joy-Cons, too. One user, for example, replied in the comments within the Steam post to say that they preferred the Joy-Con for visual novel experiences. It probably won't be as beneficial for more involved games compared to the alternatives, but more support for controller options is good news for anyone.


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