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Chipotle's new smoked brisket now available in U.S. and Canada

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Starting today, September 21, Chipotle is kicking off the grand debut of a new limited-time-only protein option on the menu: smoked brisket. This LTO will be be exclusively available through the Chipotle mobile app and website right off the bat, but a press release sent to The Takeout confirms that anyone will be able to order it at the counter starting September 23, and the brisket will be available via third-party delivery services starting September 27.

The brisket is seasoned with Mexican spices like chipotle peppers (that seems fitting), and after it's charred on the grill, it's finished off with a new chili pepper sauce developed specifically to pair with the brisket.

According to Chipotle, beef brisket has historically been one of the most requested menu additions by customers, so the chain spent the past two years formulating its own recipe unique to the brand. You'll be able to add the brisket to tacos, quesadillas (this sounds particularly promising), burritos, and bowls.

"This isn't your standard brisket experience," Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle, said in a press release. "We've created a differentiated Smoked Brisket recipe that is authentic to our menu and pairs flawlessly with our real ingredients."

This will be the third new menu item Chipotle has released in 2021. If you've been following along this year, you'll know I had some opinions on the new cilantro-lime cauliflower rice (which wasn't good) and the hand-crafted quesadillas (which were much better, and are now a permanent offering). The smoked brisket was originally tested in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Sacramento, California in 2020, where customers must have liked it enough for corporate to give it the green light nationwide and across Canada as well.

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Most recently, Chipotle's been testing plant-based chorizo in Denver and Indianapolis, but since it's only in the testing phase, there's no word on when you might be able to see that for yourselves outside of the test market. Some of you can give the brisket a shot while you wait. But many people eager for the chorizo probably won't, for obvious reasons.

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