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Fuser is sunsetting live services and sales this month

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Harmonix's DJ game is going offline

The sun is setting on Harmonix's DJ sim Fuser. The studio is shutting down live services and sales for both Fuser and its DLC on December 19.

The news arrives through a statement, confirming that neither Fuser nor its DLC tracks will be up for sale after the 19th. Those who already own Fuser will still be able to play Campaign and Quick Play, using any DLC they have already acquired as well. But online services and other options will be turned off.

"Thank you again for your support and for all the amazing mixes over the years," reads Harmonix's statement.

Harmonix confirmed earlier this year that while it was ending paid DLC releases for Fuser, the team would keep on supporting the live, in-game features. While some cosmetic content drops had arrived, streams and special sessions were wound down.

Epic acquired Harmonix in 2021, saying the company would continue rolling out DLC while also working with Epic on Fortnite projects. Specifically, musical journeys and gameplay for the battle royale, which has hosted a number of big concerts throughout its lifespan.

Dance 'til you're dead

This is, frankly, a big bummer. Fuser was a genuine surprise for me, as an evolution of the Dropmix format that felt really good to toy around in. It wasn't as loudly groundbreaking as the plastic instrument revolution, but it was an enjoyable experience that led to some fun multiplayer nights with friends, making surprisingly good or beautifully cursed mixes. It wasn't for everyone, but it certainly worked for me.

As Harmonix works with Epic on whatever its next projects look like, I'm hopeful that some of the creativity seen in Fuser carries forward. For the DJs of Fuser, though, there are still a few weeks left to join together for sick mixes.

Eric Van Allen

Senior News Reporter

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