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Venediktova named the company commander, who ordered the killing of civilians in the Kyiv region

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The prosecutor's office identified the company commander of the 64th separate Motorised Rifle Brigade of the Russian Federation who ordered the killing of civilians in the Kyiv region.

Source: Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova on Facebook


Quote: "This is 30-year - old senior lieutenant Vasyl Lytvynenko, a company commander of the 64th separate Motorised Rifle Brigade of the ground forces of the Russian armed forces as part of the 35th Combined Arms Army. Prosecutors of the Kyiv-Sviatoshyn District Prosecutor's office of the Kyiv Oblast, together with the police, caught him in violating the laws and customs of war, combined with murder.

He was 'Senior' during the occupation of Lypivka, Bucha district, Kyiv Oblast. Without his permission, the villagers could not leave the house for water. He even managed whether people could be provided with medical care.

The investigation found that in compliance with the criminal orders of the company commander, subordinate servicemen wounded an unarmed elderly civilian with automatic firearms right in his yard. They did not stop there - soon the invaders shot the house, where the resident was wounded by them from a tank. It burned down along with its native home."

Details: According to Venediktova, other accomplices of these crimes are now being established, as well as Lytvinenko's involvement in the injury of two more civilians in Lypivka and the destruction of 18 residential buildings in the village.

Background: On May 17, Venediktova reported that law enforcement officers identified one occupier who raped women in the Kyiv region, ­-it turned out to be Bulat Fassakhov, a 20-year-old radiotelephonist of the 30th separate Motorized Rifle Brigade.

On May 9, Venediktova told about the announcement of suspicion to the Russian to the occupier, who participated in the commission of war crimes on the territory of the Kyiv Oblast.

On April 28, the prosecutor general stated that the prosecutor's office had established 10 Russian servicemen, those involved in the torture of civilians Ukrainians in Bucha.

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