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Crews working Saturday to treat the roads before a refreeze

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - It's a rare occasion in southeastern North Carolina, but an ice storm left crews from the city of Wilmington and NCDOT hard at work on Saturday.

"You guys have a lot of ice near the coast instead of snow, and that's been a challenge for us today because we can't scrape ice immediately," said Public Relations Officer for NCDOT Andrew Barksdale.

Around 40 trucks were in and around New Hanover County Friday night through Saturday afternoon treating the roads.

After severe icing caused some closures across the region, especially bridges and overpasses.

A sight that a lot of people from the area aren't used to seeing, or driving in.

"I haven't seen any snow, ice, or anything in a long time," said North Carolina resident David Giarratana.

Crews worked throughout the night Friday, when the roads were in the worst condition, and will be working until the effects from the storm are cleared.

They were busy salting the roads early Saturday morning, eventually bringing trucks out to start scraping them as the ice began to melt.

"The temperatures are going to be really cold tonight and unusually cold," said Barksdale. "So you're going to have some icy patches, especially near bridges."

The storm leaving southeastern North Carolina with brutally cold temperatures, and a chance at even more ice heading into Sunday morning.

"People will have to be patient and be very cautious on the road especially tomorrow morning with the threat of black ice," said Barksdale.

NCDOT and officials urge anyone that is driving on Saturday night or Sunday morning before the sun melts the ice, to practice extra caution and drive slower than usual.

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