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WhatsApp warning over big change that will affect thousands of customers

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A BIG change is on the horizon for people who use WhatApp on certain iPhones and it could affect thousands of customers.

The messaging platform is warning customers who use the app that it will soon discontinue its service on some older versions of Apple phones and operating systems.


Later this year, certain iPhone users will soon have difficulty updating the newest versions of WhatsAppCredit: AFP


The messaging app will stop working on older Apple operating systems and two older iPhone models that use those systemsCredit: Getty

By the end of October, people whose iPhones are running on Apple operating systems iOS10 and 11 will no longer be able to use new versions WhatsApp.

People who have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C will also be affected, as the app will stop working on those phones as well. 

The company says future versions of its popular messaging app will cease to function on those operating systems and devices starting October 24.

If you open WhatsApp and have one of the older operating systems you will likely get a prompt from the company telling you to update to the most recent version, according to an article from WABetaInfo.

According to the website, if you have any of the newer iOS versions or iPhones, you will not be effected by the service change.

"WhatsApp for iOS is still compatible with all iPhone models, except iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, if you update to the latest iOS version," said WABetaInfo.

Also, iPhone 5S users will still be able to update to newer versions of WhatsApp without any problems.

The move follows a similar decision last year when WhatsApp stopped functioning on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system or any older versions, Screenrant reported.

There are some other changes on the way for users of the messaging platform.

WhatsApp is reportedly in the process of adding a feature that will let users download the data about them that is stored on the app.

The feature is said to be available now to beta testers, and could land on the phones of average users later this year.

WhatsApp users will be able to obtain a "detailed report" of things like their activity on the app, privacy settings, and other information, according to WABetaInfo.

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