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Microsoft Edge

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Achieve more performance

Built on the same technology as Chrome, Microsoft Edge has additional built-in features like Startup boost and Sleeping tabs, which boost your browsing experience with world class performance and speed that are optimized to work best with Windows.

Save money when you shop online

Built-in features automatically find you coupons and cashback offers from thousands of stores, while features like price comparison and price history help you decide when and where to buy.

Earn and redeem Rewards

As a Microsoft Rewards member, it's easy to get rewarded for doing what you already do. Earn Rewards points fast when you search with Microsoft Bing in Microsoft Edge. Then, redeem your points for gift cards, donations, and more.

Use the best browser for gaming

Thanks to cloud gaming optimizations like Clarity Boost, a memory-saving efficiency mode, and support for popular themes and extensions, Microsoft Edge is the best browser for gaming on the web, giving you access to thousands of free games.

Explore the best browser for business

If you are looking for a fast, secure browser for your business that offers the best of Microsoft, look no further than Microsoft Edge.

Make the most of your time online

Microsoft Edge helps you browse without skipping a beat. Built-in features like Collections, vertical tabs, and tab groups help you stay organized and achieve more.

Protect your family while browsing

Microsoft Edge has features to keep both you and your family protected. Enable content filters and access activity reports with your Microsoft Family Safety account and experience a kid-friendly web with Kids Mode.

Empower every student with inclusive tools

Microsoft Edge offers the most comprehensive set of built-in learning and accessibility tools on the web, with Immersive Reader facilitating reading comprehension, and Read Aloud letting students listen to webpages like podcasts.

Elevate your productivity with Microsoft 365

Enjoy access to free Microsoft 365 web apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint-side-by-side with your Microsoft Edge web content-in just a click.

Browse with Edge across all your devices

Easily sync your passwords, favorites, and settings across all your devices—Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.

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