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The Best Warzone 2.0 X12 Loadout | The Broken Akimbo… | EarlyGame

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The best secondary weapon in Warzone 2.0 is the X12 akimbo. The TTK is just absurd, and the hip-fire accuracy is fantastic. Here's the attachment setup you want, including unlock paths and tuning.

This is currently the best secondary weapon in Warzone. | © Activision

When people talk about the Warzone 2 meta, they're usually referring to the best primary weapons. But with the way Perk Packages work in Warzone 2, you often won't have Overkill available to just choose two primary weapons. Iinstead, you'll need a good secondary. And right now the best secondary is the X12 akimbo. These pistols can fire almost as quickly as you can pull the trigger, which gives them an outstanding short-range TTK for secondary weapons. You can find the best attachments and tuning for the X12 akimbo below.

We ordinarily provide you with perk and equipment suggestions in our Warzone loadouts, but as this is only a secondary weapon, we'll stick to attachments and tuning. If you are interested in a complete loadout guide, check out some of the best primary weapons you can use with the X12:

Note: This is a build for Warzone 2.0, if you're interested in choosing a good secondary for Modern Warfare 2 then you want this overview of sidearms of MW2.

The Best Attachment Setup For The X12 In Warzone 2

The best thing about building an akimbo loadout is that we don't need to bother with ADS. | © Activision / EarlyGame Slot


Unlock Requirements

Attachment TuningMuzzle

FT Steel Fire

P890 to Level 24Default / Bullet Velocity (+0.75 in)


XRK Sidewinder-6 SlideX12 to Level 2Recoil Steadiness (+0.40 lb) / Damage Range (+0.30 in)Laser

XTEN Sidearm-L400

X12 to Level 14DefaultRear Grip

Akimbo X12

X12 to Level 19


Trigger ActionXRK Lighting FireX12 to Level 5Default / Sprint To Fire Speed (-0.08 in)

Because we're using the X12 akimbo, we can't aim down sight. That gives us way more freedom than we normally have with building weapons, because we can completely ignore one of the stats that you usually can't afford to sacrifice: ADS Speed. So with the attachments above we've chosen all the things we would normally avoid, which punish ADS but give us extended damage range. We've also taken a laser to improve hip-fire, and a lightened trigger action to give us a faster fire rate, improving the TTK even more.

If you need to grind some weapons for these attachments, here's a link to buy Modern Warfare 2.

And that was your quick overview of the akimbo X12 build. These puppies absolutely shred up-close, and we think they're worth taking over pretty much any other secondary option. If you've got any other good suggestions for sidearm builds let us know in the comments, just put the attachments and tunings, and we'll try it out.

Another great way to level weapons is in the DMZ...

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