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Last minute Black Friday LG C2 77-inch deals 2022

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Need to complete your home theater setup? LG's C-series 77-inch OLED TVs tick that box and then some

Updated: Dec 1, 2022 1:09 pm

LG still holds its title as one of the best TV panel manufacturers in the business, offering your living room incredible OLED TVs with impeccable design, color accuracy, responsiveness, and features.

Even though Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is all said and done, that doesn't mean you missed your chance for a fantastic deal in early December. Although, you really can't waste any more time, it's truly the last minute!

As we approach 2023, the LG C2 is still considered solid and one of the brand's most prestigious TV sets in the market. While it comes with a rather large price tag, the C2 still offers incredible value for money, with excellent performance for cinema, sports, and games.

Last minute Black Friday LG C2 77-inch deals

The LG C2 features the evo panel, making it much better for daytime viewing than its predecessor. Overall, as you can probably tell from its specifications below, this TV is amazing for TV, film, gaming, and sports and deserves its place at the center of your living room.

What we thought about the LG C2 OLED:

LG C2 77-inch vs LG C2 83-inch deal

While the 83-inch model is also on sale for these last minute Black Friday deals, we feel the 77-inch is big enough for most living rooms.

Both are going to serve you well at home, providing the family with one of the best home-theatre experiences money can buy. These perform no matter if you enjoy films, TV, sports, or games. With near-instantaneous response time, a high refresh rate, and a top-quality panel, you can do no wrong with the LG C2.

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