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The Internet Keeps Roasting Adam Levine's Alleged DMs, And It's The Laugh Everyone Needed This Week

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They keep getting funnier.

I don't know if y'all have been keeping up with this Adam Levine affair saga, but basically, he's been accused of cheating on his wife with model Sumner Stroh.

Paras Griffin / Getty Images for Beloved Benefit

Sumner came forward earlier this week with a TikTok in which she admits to having a year-long affair with the singer, and even leaked some of their alleged DMs.

Adam Levine drama is boring, but finding out he sexts like he's 17 and hasn't ever fucked is funny

06:26 PM - 20 Sep 2022

Twitter: @galaxypeabrain

It was all very shocking, but many people on Twitter seemed to be extremely amused by the sexts themselves.

Twitter: @Bernstein

And so, Twitter has turned them into a meme format, and I really shouldn't be laughing this much. Here are the best tweets I've seen — hope you enjoy them:

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