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Super Kiwi 64 gameplay

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Super Kiwi 64, a bite-sized 3D platformer, has been given new gameplay on Switch. This follows its launch on the console this week.

We have a bit of additional information about the title in the following overview:

Super Kiwi 64 is a 3D-Platformer and Collect-a-Thon, in a low poly late 90s console look.

Key Features

- Low poly late 90s retro looks.

- Kiwi can jump, glide, corkscrew-attack and stick to walls in order to jump up almost every wall.

- The levels can be played in any order, and to reach the ending, it is not necessary to collect everything.

- Eight compact open levels filled with tons of secrets.

- Features a bird with a long beak!

If you're interested in viewing the gameplay for Super Kiwi 64 on Switch, continue on below.

Super Kiwi 64 can be found on the Switch eShop. English is the game's only included language.

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