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Wayne Ma of The Information detailed the difficulties Apple has experienced in developing its long-rumoured AR/VR headset earlier this week. He has now given some new facts about the wearable device in a follow-up study.

For starters, lifelike avatars with accurate facial expressions collected by 14 cameras are touted to be one of the headset's standout features. According to him, Other difficulties, such as putting 14 cameras on the headset, have caused hardware and algorithm developers stress.

A vital feature of the cameras is that they will track the user's face to guarantee that virtual avatars accurately portray their expressions and lip movements. According to the article, Apple's former design boss Jony Ive has remained active in the headgear project as an outside consultant.

John Ive is still a key member of this new Apple project

credit: Apple

According to a source familiar with the situation, Ive's work with Apple since leaving involves the headset, and he is frequently called in to help his former team push through their preferences over engineers in areas like battery, camera positioning, and ergonomics.

Some employees on the headgear project still needed to go from Cupertino to San Francisco. The reason touted here is that Ive has a house there and they need to do this to gain his permission for improvements, according to two sources.

Ive has continued to improve the design of the headgear. While early versions had the battery built into the headband, he favours a design that tethers the headset to a battery worn by the user, akin to Magic Leap's headset. It is unknown whether this strategy will be used in the final design.

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