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iPad 10 teardown shows why it lacks support for second-generation Apple Pencil

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Apple announced last month the 10th-generation iPad, which features a new design similar to the more expensive iPad models, plus other enhancements. However, despite all the improvements, iPad 10 lacks support for the second-generation Apple Pencil. Now iFixit has shared a teardown video showing what's inside the iPad 10, and it gives us an idea of why the new iPad only works with the old Apple Pencil.

In terms of design, the 10th-generation iPad is virtually identical to the iPad Air and even the smaller iPad Pro. Still, customers were surprised by Apple's decision not to add support for the second-generation Apple Pencil, which magnetically attaches to the side of compatible iPads.

Instead, Apple has kept support for the original Apple Pencil, which can be recharged via the Lightning connector. This wouldn't be a huge problem if the new iPad 10 had a Lightning port, which is no longer the case. That's because, just like the other iPads, the 10th-generation iPad now has a USB-C port. And this means that users need an adapter to pair and charge the original Apple Pencil with the new iPad.

iPad 10 teardown and why it lacks Apple Pencil 2 support

But what would have made Apple take such a decision? That's exactly what iFixit shows us in its teardown video. Compared to the iPad Air 4, the iPad 10 looks pretty much the same on the inside. However, iPad 10 is the first iPad to have the front-facing camera placed horizontally, so that it captures a better and more natural angle when the iPad is attached to a keyboard.

But while this change is extremely good for users who do a lot of video calling with their iPad, the front camera is now located exactly where Apple places the Apple Pencil magnets on other iPad models, such as the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Even though Apple has never confirmed this, it's now clear that the company's designers and engineers had to choose between having the front-facing camera placed horizontally and using the new Apple Pencil 2. With the lens and camera sensor there, there's simply no room for the components that hold and charge the second-generation Apple Pencil.

Apart from that, there's nothing very exciting about the 10th-generation iPad. The main differences to other iPad models are the non-laminated display and the USB-C port soldered to the logic board, which certainly makes repairs more difficult. You can watch the full iFixit teardown below, or directly on YouTube:

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