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TikTok prankster Mizzy arrested on suspicion of breaching court order

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TikTok prankster Mizzy has been arrested on suspicion of breaching a criminal behaviour order just days after appearing in court for entering a stranger's home uninvited.

The 18-year-old, real name Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, was detained by the Met Police onĀ  Friday morning and has been taken into custody for questioning, the force said.

A video was posted to Mizzy's Twitter account showing him being detained with the caption: "Mizzy just got arrested". His arrest took place on the roof of a building behind an Iceland grocery shop.

Mizzy went viral when he entered a stranger's house without their consent, for which he was also arrested.

He posted a video of himself entering the London home as a "prank" two weeks ago. The clip was met with shock and anger, with many online calling for him to be arrested.

Mizzy, of Manor Road, Hackney, appeared at Thames Magistrates Court on Wednesday in relation to the video. He was issued a criminal behaviour order and fined hundreds of pounds.

He was also told not to enter private property or post videos of people without their permission.

The self-described content creator - who was previously arrested over clips that appeared to show him harassing Jewish people - has said the negative reaction to his videos is partly down to him being Black.

In one home entry video, the 18-year-old appears with two friends, saying: "Walking into random houses, let's go."

He is then seen going through a front door that has been left open and startling the woman on its patio.

Once inside the home he lounges on a sofa before finally being asked to leave by a man who appears in the living room, as children are heard calling "daddy".

Mizzy confirmed he has previously been arrested after sharing a number of videos that seemed to show him harassing Jewish people.

In one, he appears to put his hands on the victim's shoulders and attempts to leapfrog over him.

He claimed this was a TikTok trend "where you leapfrog over someone when the beat drops" and he has done this "to many different types of people".

Other videos posted online show him pestering train passengers, entering a man's car while claiming it is his Uber taxi and asking random members of the public if they wanted to die.

Mizzy told Piers Morgan it was 'not my fault' that UK laws are 'weak' (TalkTV)

In an interview with The Independent, Mizzy defended his actions and said he does not care about whether he is receiving love or hate, as it is all about getting engagement and "it's the fact that people are talking that's important".

He said he began to consider content creation more seriously as a career path in year 8 or 9, after having been "kicked out of school three times".

He started to realise that every time he "upped the ante and did wilder videos" he would garner more online engagement - so that is what he continued to do.

The youngster appeared on TalkTV's Piers Morgan Uncensored show earlier this week where he was grilled about his pranks, which were described as "abhorrent" by senior politicians.

Pressed on the footage in an interview by Mr Morgan - in which both he and the presenter called each other "idiots" - Mr O'Garro said: "I went and apologised off social media - I could have recorded that apology and that would have been another viral video, whether it's hate or whatever.

"Literally, hate brings money, hate brings likes, hate brings views. It doesn't matter - love or hate, it still brings views ... It's not like I prefer to do the hateful stuff, it's just easier to do the hateful stuff."

Mizzy, in his interview with The Independent, said he felt "sympathy and remorse" for entering the family's home, which he said "could have been the best or worst decision of my life".

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