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Taxi driver alerted to Liverpool bomber's vest 'when he saw red light'

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A witness has revealed that the taxi driver who survived a terror attack at Liverpool Women's Hospital realised that his passenger was carrying a bomb when he saw "a little red light".

Darren Knowles, a security guard, was just metres away from the taxi when the explosion took place and instantly ran to help David Perry after he escaped the vehicle.

Emad Al Swealmeen, 32, detonated the homemade bomb packed with ball bearings inside the taxi as it pulled up to the hospital entrance on Remembrance Sunday, killing himself and injuring Perry.

David Perry pictured with his wife, Rachel, has said that he feels lucky to be alive


Recalling the incident, Knowles told the BBC that he had initially thought there was a problem with the car because of the amount of smoke.

"I just thought it was a malfunction

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