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Nicola Sturgeon: What a farce! FM mocked as she responds to WRONG backbench SNP probe

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SNP MP accuses Sajid Javid of lying about cancellation of Scottish vaccine contract

MP for Livinston Hannah Bardell has accused Sajid Javid of lying about the reason the government terminated a contract with Valneva, a firm developing vaccines in Livingston. She accused the UK government of being 'unable to get their story straight' stating that yesterday their reason for cancelling the contract was that the company was in breach of its obligations under the supply agreement and today the reason was that the MHRA wouldn't approve the vaccine. 

It would appear so, truly unbelievable https://t.co/Ihp3m2PneM

\u2014 Hannah Bardell SNP MP \ud83c\udff4\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc63\udb40\udc74\udb40\udc7f\ud83c\udff3\ufe0f\u200d\ud83c\udf08 (@HannahB4LiviMP) September 14, 2021

Booster jabs expected to have "very big knock-on effect" in protecting against infections

The government's chief medical advisor Sir Patrick Vallance, has said that booster vaccines (which will be offered to some people from next week in Scotland and the rest of the UK) will cause a "very big increase in antibody responses". 

Booster vaccines to be rolled out in Scotland from next week

Sturgeon has announced that booster vaccines will be offered to those eligible from next week, alongside flu vaccines. 

The Pfizer vaccine will be given as the booster dose, with experts saying it is safe to be given alongside the usual winter flu vaccine. 

MSPs back motion in support of Scottish Gov's commitment to create national care service

The Government motion was passed by 67 votes to 32, with 21 abstentions. The government has said this could "greatly improve how social care is delivered".

Vaccines to be administered in schools

Nicola sturgeon has announced that children will soon be able to be administered the coronavirus vaccine in schools. 

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross stated that this, together with a booster vaccine campaign for older Scots, had "the potential to be game-changing in halting the spread of Covid this winter".

He called for mobile vaccination units at every school "to encourage uptake, particularly those in areas where vaccination rates are low".

Scottish Conservatives continue to criticise Sturgeon

The Scottish Conservatives continue to mock Nicola Sturgeon on twitter for mistakenly answering the wrong question. 

Chief Whip for the Scottish Tories criticises Sturgeon's mistake

Tory SNP and chief whip Stephen Kerr mocks Sturgeon, suggesting that she cannot be bothered to learn her backbencher's names. 

Twice in two weeks Nicola Sturgeon has read out the wrong pre-scripted answer to one of her own backbenchers. Can she not even be bothered to learn her new MSPs names?

My Point of Order: pic.twitter.com/D1HsfycGFf

\u2014 Stephen Kerr MSP (@RealStephenKerr) September 14, 2021

Scottish Conservatives continue to criticise Sturgeon

The Scottish conservatives have continued to criticise Sturgeon for answering the wrong prepared answer to an SNP backbencher's question. 

Sturgeon is criticised for answering 'wrong prepared answer' to question

Sturgeon answers question by SNP backbencher asking for an update on the establishment of a Covid-19 inquiry with an answer solely on education and reducing risk of outbreaks in schools.

What a farce.@NicolaSturgeon \u2013 for the second time in a week \u2013 responds to the WRONG backbench SNP question.

It is really difficult to read out the right scripted answer every single time when you're operating at such a higher level of intelligence to the rest of us. pic.twitter.com/nXpbhTTCWv

\u2014 Scottish Conservatives (@ScotTories) September 14, 2021

Sturgeon has now finished speaking

Sturgeon's coronavirus update has now finished. 

Sturgeon says vaccine passport requirements will not apply to 12-15 year olds

She says children will be exempt from the vaccine passport measures, despite being offered a single dose of the vaccine. 

Sturgeon encourages young people to take lateral flow tests twice a week

This is in response to one MPs admission that only 5 percent of senior pupils took a lateral flow test last week. Sturgeon says tests are free of charge and easily accesible and childen should contimue to take them to help stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Sturgeon speaks on nightclub definition

Sturgeon says the Scottish Goverment is consulting with the night time industry to create a defintion for a nightclubs. 

Sturgeon says Scottish government is working on guidance for vaccine passport implementation

Strugeon says the goverment will produce sector specific guidance for places that will have to implement vaccine passports.  

Sturgeon says public need to continue to social distance to make sure the NHS is not overwhelmed

This was in response to a question about staffing issues in the NHS. 

The Scottish Labour leader is speaking

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said: "We will look back and think pulling back test and protect was a catastrophic decision." 

Sturgeon closes her announcement

Sturgeon closes her announcement by advising the public to continue to follow social distancing guidance and to get vaccinated. She is now taking questions. 

Sturgeon gives update on booster vaccines

Sturgeon says booster vaccines wil be offered to frontline care workers, people with underlying health conditions and over 50s. 

Sturgeon gives update on school children receiving vaccines

Sturgeon says the Scottish government will begin vaccinating 12-15 year olds as soon as possible. Drop in centres will be available from the 20th of September and letters will be sent out to all 12-15 year olds from th 27th of September inviting children to a vaccine appointment. 

Sturgeon gives update on measures in schools

She says school children will be required to wear face coverings in schools until at least October half term. 

Sturgeon gives updates on schools and universities

She says large scale lectures will not be held in person and students are encouraged to get vaccinated. 

Nicola Sturgeon continues to give updates

Sturgeon says the Scottish government will continue to use its sheilding patient list, despite the fact that the UK government announced today that they will now longer be using it 

Sturgeon is updating parliament on latest covid-19 statistics

She says the rise in cases is slowing in Scotland which has lead to the decision not to reintroduce any restrictions 

Nicola Sturgeon is addressing the Scottish Parliament now

Nicola sturgeon says the cabinet met this morning and decided not to make any immediate changes to plans for vaccine passports. 

Sajid Javid has criticised Scotland over vaccine passports

"For any government to do something like that would be such a big decision... as the evidence is not there" for vaccine passports.

Sajid Javid takes a swipe at the Scottish government over vaccine passports.

"For any government to do something like that would be such a big decision... as the evidence is not there" for vaccine passports. pic.twitter.com/l78pGRXfX8

\u2014 Haggis_UK \ud83c\uddec\ud83c\udde7 \ud83c\uddea\ud83c\uddfa (@Haggis_UK) September 14, 2021

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