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Michael Gove joked about 'drippy' Prince Charles and colonialism

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Michael Gove described the Prince of Wales as a "dull, wet, drippy adulterer", called people living in British colonies "fuzzy-wuzzies" and made sexual jokes about a future minister in a series of speeches.

Gove, 54, now the Cabinet Office minister, made the remarks in speeches at the Cambridge Union debating society in 1987 and 1993.

In 1987 Gove was a student at Oxford, while in 1993 he was a television journalist. Recordings of his comments were unearthed by The Independent.

In one of two speeches given in 1993, Gove spoke in support of the motion "this house prefers a woman on top". He had been invited to speak by Lucy Frazer, who is now the prisons minister.

Gove said that she was "actually capable

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