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Homeowner's fury as builders dump 8ft high pile of rubbish outside his home

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A HOMEOWNER has described his fury as builders continue to dump a stinking 8ft high mound of rubbish outside his home.

Paul Stephenson says workmen have been piling beds, doors, plaster and bricks outside his property for over a month.


The rubbish is pouring out onto the pavementCredit: @SnapperSK


Litter and old items are strewn outsideCredit: @SnapperSK

Last week, the charity worker couldn't get to his front door in Harborne Lane, Birmingham, as the house next door undergoes a total clear out.

He says workmen have been gutting the interior - and simply fling items on the ground below, with much of it landing in his his garden.

"They've had no skips, they've just thrown it out of the bedroom window into the small front garden and just stacked it," he told The Sun Online.

"It's literally been 8ft high on the side of my front door and cascading onto the pavement.

"It's old card, it's bits of furniture, all the stripped wallpaper, polystyrene, glass, you name it."


The "final straw" came last Thursday when the rubbish was piled so high Paul couldn't enter his home.

"I came home and I literally couldn't get in my front door," he said.

"They'd thrown stuff on the front garden. I've got a couple of steps onto the pavement and all that was covered.

"It's just horrendous and it seems so difficult to get anything positive to happen about it."

He added: "It's an ongoing menace really.

"It smells, I can't open my windows at the front - well certainly not in the bedroom. And it treads in the house because it's like wet plaster."

As well as gathering at the side of his home, the rubbish is also scattered onto the pavement.

Paul, who has lived in the house all his life, has complained to Birmingham City Council over flytipping and potential vermin problems.

He has also contacted the fire service.

"My biggest worry over the summer was it being a fire hazard.

"I have reported it to the fire service a couple of times but apparently they can't do anything unless it's on fire. It's nonsensical."

Paul's neighbour Jean, who owns a hairdresser's next door says the dirt has even made it's way into her salon as it's trodden in.

She said: "Two blokes came on Thursday and started removing bits and pieces, they pulled the bed out and left it on Paul's property.

"I've reported it so many times and nothing has been done. The rubbish has been there for about a month. They've ripped everything out."

Other houses on the street have also got stacks of litter outside them, but Paul says these are unrelated and believes they have skips outside.

He said: "We are slightly isolated but further up the road there's another couple of properties that are having work done - I see those do seem to have skips - the property next to myself, they haven't had any skips, that's the problem."

The disgruntled homeowner says the council got in touch with him this week and a local councillor is also now understood to be dealing with the issue.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: "This matter is currently under investigation in an attempt to resolve the issues as soon as possible."


You can see the mound from across the roadCredit: @SnapperSK


Cardboard boxes block the front entrance of another door down the streetCredit: @SnapperSK


The mess can be seen piled highCredit: @SnapperSK


The rubbish has allegedly been piling up outside Paul's home for over a monthCredit: BPM


A bed, door and plaster can be seen blocking the entrance to both homesCredit: BPM

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