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Driver screamed before car exploded into fireball killing three

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TRIBUTES have been paid to a "warm-hearted" reveller who was killed with two others in a horrific fireball smash after the driver gave a barman a lift home.

Jason de Belen, 36, and two other men died when the car they were in ploughed into a block of flats as they drove home from a nightclub.


Jason De Belen and two other men died after the car they were in exploded after a crashCredit: Facebook


The remains of the car following the explosionCredit: Dan Jones

Jason and the driver were pals and giving the barman a lift home after his shift, pals said.

One man was heard screaming "get me out" moments before the car ignited into a fireball, killing all three men near Westbourne Grove Tube station.

The car burst into flames after ploughing into a block of flats just before dawn yesterday.

Shocked residents watched in horror as people tried to rescue the screaming man trapped inside the wreckage before it blew up.


A friend told MailOnline: "Jason was a really warm-hearted, lovely guy. He was a family-orientated man who doted on his nine-year-old niece.

"It's an awful tragedy but details of what happened exactly are quite scarce at the moment.

"He was a passenger in the car and he and his friend were returning home after going to a club.

"They had given one of the barmen a lift. I'm not sure if they knew him or were just being nice and offered to take him home.

Jason's family and friends are devastated as you can imagine

A family friend

"But Jason's family and friends are devastated as you can imagine. He'll be missed so much."

In a Facebook post, Jason's aunt Estrella Hernandez, said his death was a double blow for the family after the recent death of his uncle.

A police officer at the scene said the driver had come over a canal bridge before losing control of the vehicle.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze, but three people were pronounced dead at the scene.

A resident who lives across the road from the scene of the horror crash, said: "I heard a big smash and knew it was a car crash, but not how bad it was.

"I came out to see what had happened and two guys were trying to get their friend out of the car, but it was being engulfed in flames.

They had the door open and the man was screaming but they couldn't get him out and ran away.


"They had the door open and the man was screaming, but they couldn't get him out and ran away.

"The next minute the car exploded in a fireball - there's not really anything anyone could have done.

"I could just hear the screams of the guy. It must have been terrifying. It could have been my kids, could have been anyone."

Another witness said a man jumped out of bed and tried to pull the screaming victims to safety before their car was engulfed in flames. 

"A guy who had no top on ran out and was trying to drag someone out of the car," the witness told the Standard.  


"There was screaming and shouting and smoke and he was doing his best but then flames starting shooting up. We all rang the emergency services. 

"The man with no top was doing his best he had obviously just got out of bed. It was a terrible scene to wake up to. I just think of the poor families."

Another said: "There were flames shooting up from the car.

"There were people on the street and all the traffic stopped. It was like something out of a movie. My kids were crying. It was horrific."

Officers are still working to identify the victims.

No other cars are thought to have been involved in the crash, although a number of residents were evacuated from the building as a precaution.

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Manuel Gaspar, manager of the Transparent World cleaning company, based opposite the crash, told the Standard: "The impact was awful. There was debris spread all over the road.

"We saw a neighbour who was very brave. He had just woken up and didn't have a shirt on and was trying to get into the passenger door. All the other doors were stuck or too damaged.

"The smoke was going into the old people's home and then the fire started in the back of the car."

Another witness told The Sun: "I heard a huge bang and then the explosion. The fire was already out by the time i got down here. 

"You could see someone in the car seat before it was all covered up."

Officers have now set up a cordon blocking off either side of Great Western Road.

Six officers are on the scene to redirect pedestrians and traffic and the cordon at the junction of Harrow Road and Great Western Road is expected to be in place for several hours.

A statement from the Met Police said: "A number of residents were evacuated from the building as a precaution.

"A scene remains in place and enquiries are ongoing."

Anyone who saw the car before the incident, or who has information, video or images that could help police, is urged to call 101 ref CAD 917/14 Sept.


Cops at the scene after the horror crash


Emergency crews were called to the scene on Great Western RoadCredit: LNP


Three people were pronounced dead at the sceneCredit: UkNewsinPictures


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