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Stonehenge schoolboy puts money on repairs

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The halfpenny Richard Woodman-Bailey sneaked under a sarsen stone during repairs in the 1950s is not known to have damaged Stonehenge.

His father's concrete repair job could have been better though. English Heritage will today begin fixing the 4,500-year-old structure in Wiltshire after laser scans found cracks within its elevated horizontal lintels as well as surface damage to the stones. The project also wants to replace deteriorating concrete mortar used in the conservation project led in the late 1950s by Aubrey Bailey.

Many of the stones, which had fallen or become dislodged and weighed up to 45 tonnes, were re-erected and the mortar used to fix the lintels.

He will return to place a commemorative £2 coin at the site

Bailey's eight-year-old son Richard placed a 1958 halfpenny coin under one of the sarsens when during his

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